Rush Run...Finally!!!

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  1. After a summer of catching many 0.5-1.5 pound bass at Rush Run, at about 6:15 this morning I finally landed a personal best for local waters.

    She weighed in at 3.4 lbs on the berkley digital scale and was caugh on an orange belly popper! It was the biggest splash I have seen on a top water bait. Had 5 of the 6 hook points in the mouth.

    Maybe, since the "Acton Hawg" thread this will redeam my fishing :D

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  2. great pic! gotta love the fog on the surface of the water!

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    Hah is looks like the cover of some romance novel until you notice the fish and trolling motor. Nice fish.
  5. I have never known that Rush Run had LM of that size. Great catch! Good news to know that RR is beginning to produce better bass. I gotta get my basstender from Toledo. It is perfect for that body of water.

    I be you loved the sound when that guy smashed your popper. As pristine and quiet as the morning looked, I would have been so scared that I peed myself to hear that noise.
  6. it was quite a splash, we were the first boat on the water and there was a couple guys just behind us at the ramp about 20 yards away when i hooked up. I made a long cast and had two or three cranks on it, looked back to see what my dad was tieing on, as i picked up the slack it hit with a big splash and the fight was on! It was the most fun I've had this year on 1 fish. She swam to the boat at first so i really didn't know how big she was, then, a little head shake, turn, and jump.....I heard my dad say "wow, that's a good one".... all I could say was "GET THE NET!"

    Once in the boat, i noticed the two other guys, like i have done many times, they had stopped and turned to us to watch...."what are you using" i heard as I held her up for them to see!

    We were in the open water in 24' of water!! And yes, my hands were not real steady when i got her unhooked and ready for a dad took the good is my pic with my phone....

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  7. I knew that there had to be fish bigger than 12 inchs in that lake.

    Nice Catch :p
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  9. I hope to be back there Wednesday and launch by 6 - between a top water and a jig i would like to work some of the trees in the deeper water
  10. Way To Go ! First bass of any size I've seen from RR in 20 years ! George Arnold from West Elkton had pictures of several 5 lb bass fron RR . But he's left us for the Great Fishing in the Sky. And I have no idea who got those pic's
  11. I'm sure there are bigger ones in there...just have to find them.
  12. Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sweet Fish!!!!!!!!!

    I used to fish RR back in my college days. Only caught one nice bass in many tries. Place looks real good, but you really have to fish your rear off to get the big boys.