Rush Run 4-15

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  1. made it to Rush Run after picking up my son at school, water is starting to clear up adn warm up! Saw some guys on the bank that were trouting adn had a very nice (guessing 16"/4lb) bass on the stringer, said it hit the corn he had under the bobber!!!!

    We did not catch much, but did manage this nice 11" crappie!

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  2. Hi.
    Nice crappie!
    I've always wondered... why is Acton a crappie lake, and not Rush Run?
    With all of the cover, it would seem logical etc... But that is the first crappie -
    I've ever seen pulled out of there.

    I may have to try it sometime!


  3. Honestly I have not spent many days on Rush Run but that might change. I think since the state spends so much time on building a trout population it gets it's fame there.

    also, this fish went back, guessing she had not laid eggs and so we put her back in after pictures ;)