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  1. I heard through the grapevine that L&D Bait has lost their lease and has closed or will be closing soon. I have never been a big fan of Pete's (he can be a real ass), but it's a shame that the store is closing. Personally I haven't been in his store in about 4 years, but I know that a lot of guys stopped there for bait before hitting "The Rock" for Steelies. I don't think he realized what a gold mine he was sitting on.

    There won't be many options for bait after Thanksgiving. Both Shine's and Frank's will be closed, so there won't be any place in the city (unless you count Ted's). The closest place to "The Rock" to get bait will be Erie Outfitters in Sheffield Lake. Just a head's up for all the guys coming in from out of town for the Steelhead fishing this fall.

  2. Too bad. My one and only visit to that shop was an experience I won't soon forget. Fortunately, ying6 warned me about Pete "the bait nazi" before we got there. :D

  3. Good Old Judge Judy watching Pete! The good old days of having to watch the verdict before getting some minnows!!! The good old days of "Went to the bank" signs, "Be back in 5 minutes" sign, "I'm at the store" sign, and the most famous "PETA" People Eating Tasty Animal sign!!! I'll miss Pete! The good old days of HELLO-- Can I get some service today or even tomorrow!!!!!!! It was always an Adventure that I looked forward to, you just never knew what was next. One thing about Pete- He does a Great Steelhead mount!!! I know he had some health issues and heard the rumors regarding the lease. Either way Pete gets brought up on my fishing outings now, and will for awhile!! Thanks for the memories!
  4. that's shame......

    granite the guy was one real "piece of work"..... but i wonder what the true story here is.... hopefully just a rumor... we dont need another place to be closed....

    he did provide "service " when he felt like it....

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    now where do we go to get maggots. at least he was close by the rock.
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    Time to stock pile on maggots from Rodmakers.
    If pete actually new how to run a business, he would have easily doubled his profits.
  7. L&D=customer service and family atmosphere :)
  8. i stopped in today on my way to the rock. everything is on sale although not much at all is left. anyhow, i managed to pry a few words out of him and he said hes hoping to move to a new location but he didnt sound too sure about it.
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    Last time I spoke to him he said he was moving but didn't know where. The closest place west of him is Natural Strike on Barton Road between Center Ridge Road and Lorain Road. 440-327-0032
  10. I always felt ripped off if Pete didnt have something sarcastic or negative to say to me. I remember going in there for the first time about 7-8 yrs ago asking for fishing advice before I knew what a steelhead was, during the fall run. Pete in his own words called me an idiot for not knowing that the steelhead run was on. I was stunned by his bad attitude but at the same time started laughing. Alot of people would really piss me off at what he said to me, but i realized instantly that was "Pete". I also witness Pete throwing change at a customer because Pete didnt give him all his change back and the customer challeged the amount. Pete said here's your change and threw it at his chest. I hope he get's a new location soon these moments are priceless.
  11. i once had my fish stuffed there and i have been wondering ever since if that was actually the same fish i got back lol you never knew with old pete
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    Pete is a trip that's for sure, I've gone in there so many times and every time he is always a real treat to deal with, I'll miss the guys sarcasm, the one day I said the Cortney and Shelly fishing show sucked and I thought he was going to take a swing at me and throw me out of his store. Always something with that guy. Dude looks like he needs some sleep. :D
  13. Since this is turning into a L&D eulogy, I'll take a turn.

    I remember when the shop first opened, back before the steelhead fishery was as big as it is now. At that time, there were at least four 'bait' shops in the west side area: Katchmore (detroit/54th), Franks (berea/madison), Maggie Jigs (Pat, madison in lakewood), Central Basin (madison, lakewood). They have all since went away except for L&D. I would not shop there after getting tired of the attitude and lack of service over the years, but it was there in a pinch to get some last minute bait. High points:

    Seeing the looks of the neighbor's patrons (especially the restaurants) when the stinky fisherman would line up in the morning.

    The snakes and turtles walking/slithering around the place.

    The little TV with hee-haw or similar viewing. Not expecting to get service except during commercial breaks.

    Having to go in the back to wake him up (or get get his attention) to make a purchase.

    Fishing reports: How's the fishing? "Go down there and (*^%ing find out! See the picture of this big salmon? Dane caught it in wallace lake. Maybe you should take your maggots there..."

    The responses: Maggots? Is that all you're &^%$ing going to buy! You bought a dozen minnows - why do you expect more than 12? These are the only minnows I have... (looking into a bucket of a $2 dozen pinhead minnows after seeing the guy "friend of the shop" walk out with big ones).

    The anti-gay signs and discussion - in the middle of Lakewood of all places!

    I think the neighbors don't mind him leaving, but he did provide a service by being a local place to buy bait, regardless of attitude.
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    Pete is Pete for sure, but just imagine what kind of success a good shop owner would have in that location. Goldmine almost isn't the word for the potential of that place. A small shop with better parking close to there would be an even better idea. We may have accepted him over the years for who he is, but just think of the potential....

    ...Hold on... I gotta call the bank...:p
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    I stopped in there today and he almost has the store empty. I ask if he was going to open another store and he said he is hoping to. He said it might be down the street just past the car-wash on the corner. On a side note he was rather friendly to me. That would be the first time.:D
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    This thread has made me laugh.
    I will add to Steel Craniums post.

    - 9 out of 10 times you go there he has a sign that said will be back in a minute. (Usually takes about 2 hours)

    - Going to L&D while he is eating. You have to wait till Pete is done because we all know its rude to talk with food in your mouth.

    - Asking if your buying this minnow bucket too, even though he just seen you walk in with it

    I always thought that Emerald Necklace would be a gold mine if they just turned part of it into a baitstore that is open all year.
    The prices are fairly reasonable, and the atmosphere is much nicer. Plus it is in a much more convient location.
  17. As a former owner of a bait shop I challenge any one of you to open one these " gold mines " and reap your fortune. I never met Pete or stopped in his store as I very rarely fished in that area. But I listed a few reasons why old Pete was the way he was. I must say up front 99 % of my customers were great people but gawd that 1% would tax anyone's patience.

    1. Customers who pump you for all the info and service they can and almost never purchase anything.
    2. A constant stream of people who want donations from you because you own a business you must be rich. Even had a lady ask for a donation for her 8 year old daughter so her could enter a beauty contest.
    3. Officers of sportmens clubs wanting me to donate time or prize for one of thier raffles. Meanwhile explaining to me they stopped because they were on thier way to buy cases of shotshells for thier turkey shoot. Without ever asking me for a quote.
    4. People accusing you of lying just to sell bait. My pet saracastic answer was " If you knew I was going to lie. How dumb do you have to be to still ask are the fish biting. " We always had truthfull reports written on entrance door but lots of people were too lazy to read. Also people always bought the same amount of bait wether they were biting or not.
    5. Special ordering for customers. Explain that you cannot cancel special order because it is something we do not stock for a reason, too expensive, does not sell locally etc etc. Order for customer two days later he wants to cancel. SIGH.
    6. Getting in 800.00 in live bait and then have power failure.
    7. Taxes - Taxes- Taxes and more Taxes. Watch your " goldmine turns into lump of coal real fast. "

    I have many more but don't want to bore any one to death. Please let me know if any of you open your own. I will stop by and offer comic relief if you survive more than 1 year.
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    Not to mention sitting there day after day watching everyone head out to do the thing you love to do.
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    Was this the shop on rt 225?
    Man, I miss that place.
    Now I have to go to that goof next door who sells half dead minnows.
  20. jonk540

    jonk540 jonk540

    Was this the shop on rt 225?
    Man, I miss that place.
    Now I have to go to that goof next door who sells half dead minnows.:(