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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Chucky, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Walmart is moving to Vermilion. I heard the other day that Walmart has bought the property from the owner that Dave's Bait use to be at. Anyone else hear this? All the property that has been up for sale, for along time, from the corner of rt2 and rt60 has been sold also. Now there is a Walmart in just about every corner :|
  2. JamesT

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    Not great news.
    :( to Wally World.


  3. stormfront

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    cannot stand that store anymore. they have cut back on their outdoor section in all the stores i have been in. nothing there for me anymore.
  4. I try very hard to avoid the place. All it is is a Chines garbage dump.
  5. Fishpro

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    Thier sporting goods is a joke anymore. I used to get all my tackle from there for the last few years, but not now. I pay a little more to support the local guys, but its worth it.:)
  6. Who cares??????? Not me.

    I have 2 Wally worlds (1 ten min. north, the other 10 min. south of me) and I prefer to drive 20 minues east to go to Dave's. You have to remember that Dave is 2 minutes from there. I believe that you get better deals from Dave & the other local owned tackle shops. The prices may be slightly higher, but that is made up for in the service that you receive from the proprietors. You get a better selection of product, you can get vitually any question on using the product answered, along with the latest reports & hot colors. To me the extras are worth it.
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    I saw the same here in's pathetic really!
    24 hour stores with a good fishing section, rock!

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    I hear they are heading out there some time but I will not shop there.