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Drifters: Catches are moderate picking up daily,15-35 f.o.w.Use Wally pops,weapons(gold)Earie dearie silver or gold.

Trollers: 30-40 f.o.w, use jet #20 or #30 depending on depth. 80-105 ft back. Spoons,spoons,spoons, copper( stinger colors=confusion,raspberry dolphin,monkey puke,bumble bee,boy-girl)

Perch same story,,,1 -1.5 miles NNW out of the river.

Landlubbers,Crappie still poppin around docks in the river,Oberlin reservior. Channel Cats (spawning) Huron and Vermilion Rivers.

If you need us, call the shop,stop in,or e-mail.
May the fish be with you,
Bait Dave
Dave's Bait
1612 State rd.
Vermilion,Ohio 44089
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