Ruger 77VT 204 Ruger

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  1. This rifle is in great shape not a mark on it anywhere, has a very low round count(around 40) rifle has a laminated stock and a 26" stainless heavy barrel, I do not have the box for it, the reason I am selling is that I have 2 204s and Im looking to fund other projects, I can E-Mail pics later in the day, Im willing to ship but would prefer a FTF so that you can see what your getting before you put your money down and see that this rifle is as close to NIB as you will get from a used rifle, priced to sell at $575, for the quickest response you can E-Mail me at first I'll take it gets it. Thanks

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    Someone buy this before I do and my wife kills me. Varmint hunting is my favorite thing to do.. 204 is beautiful! What is the brand / model.. I might have to buy
  3. The rifle is made by Ruger and the model is the 77VT or Varmint/Target, I have some so so cell pics if you would like to see her.