Rudi Johnson - Bengals

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by fishinjim, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. For those who thought releasing Rudi was a bad decision:

    • Made his debut as a Lion at Atlanta (9/7) and posted 3 carries for 14 yards.
    • Recorded one carry for two yards vs. Green Bay (9/14).

    Pretty darn productive, I say.
  2. I dont know if it was a totally bad idea...but it is/was a risk, with the Bengals supposedly wanting to emphasize the run this year and putting most of those carries on injury prone Chris Perry is a roll of the dice.

  3. chaunc

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    Rudi wanted out of there anyway. When or if he gets a shot in Detroit, you bet he'll be ready to play. 4 carries for 16 yds. Yes, i'd say thats pretty productive. 4 yd per carry average. Give him 25 carries a game and then make the un-productive statement. Dont blame Rudi for those sorry losers in Cincy. You know he isn't or wasn't the problem there.