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Rude Bass Tournament Fisherman

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bluebuster6912, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Some of the people fishing in Bass Tournaments out on the lakes are about as rude of people as you can get. Seams like they think their day out on the lake is more important than anybody elses. They get mad if you take to long on the ramp. Get mad if they think your to close to them. They fly right by you like your invisable. Some of these guys out on the lakes need to take a chill pill before the go. Just because there's a Bass Tournament on the lake doesn't meen everybody else has to stay off the lake . Does anybody else have these problems when they fish during tournaments? Seems like everytime we go out on tournament nights we always come home irritated.
  2. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    well not always in tourneys but on erie guys in big boats or small sometimes will fly rite through the pack or if ur drifting they'll pull rite up next to ya. yeah itll tick ya off!

  3. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    With the bass tournys it is just like everything else. There are a select few that make the rest of us look bad. 95% of the tourny fisherman I know are courteous and respectful of others and the enviroment!!
  4. I was at Winton Woods last weekend and was standing on the bank on a log that was partly in the water. Two A-holes in a boat came up and started casting right where I was standing. I had my son with me so I had to watch my mouth but I was pretty upset about their lack of courtesy.
  5. As my club's tournament director I can say this is one of my biggest concerns: The perception we put out to other fishermen and others using the resource.

    The best thing you can do is, and in this order: Ask how they are doing, ask what tournament they are fishing and where and when the weigh-in if you are going to watch the weigh-in. Then ask them what boat number they know so you can see how they did.

    Take that information and head over there ASAP and let the Tournament Director know about it. If he does the right thing, you will be somewhat satisfied with the result.

    If he does not, you will have to take your complaints to the DNR I would guess.

    As a bass tournament fishermen, I can tell you I go through the same thing with non-competitors, and more often than not, with other competitors. It is not right, and should not be tolerated.
  6. I've got an easy solution. If you know there is a tournament that night, and you know they always get under your skin then don't go that night. That would be like going to McDonald's after 11 knowing they have stopped serving breakfast and complaining. I'm not a tournament fisherman so I'm not sticking up for anyone I'm just using a little common sense.
  7. How can you paint all tourny fishermen(or any group of people) with the same brush? Are you a bank fisherman, and if so do you leave trash when you fish? I know that every stretch of bank that I have ever seen in Ohio is littered with worm containers, chicken liver containers, beer cans, broken bottles, cigarette packs, etc. Would it be fair to ask "why don't bank fishermen care about "our" lakes and rivers, they leave their trash lying around like they don't care about anyone else enjoying our resources. Are there rude tourny fishermen, of course, are there bank fishermen that litter, of course as well. -Sporto
  8. I'm not saying that "we", you, or anyone should plan their fishing around tournaments. What I'm saying is if you know that a tournament is going on and you have had problems in the past with the guys that fish it don't fish there that night. If there is a reoccuring thing that gets under my skin I avoid the situation. Why put my self through hell dealing with something if I'm just trying to enjoy my afternoon or evening.

    Don't even get start on the nonsense of 1-oz sinkers and casting at people. We were there not too long ago and I'm sure we all remember where that thread went.
  9. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    That is assault and battery. Really smart idea.
  10. Muskarp

    Muskarp Banned

    I've seen some rude tourney fisherman. However, I think the entire boating community has lost it's courtesy toward others. With no real rules on the water people just do whatever the h_ll they want. I see more problems with older folks joy riding in pontoons than I see from tourney guys. As posted earlier by NIghtprowler. I too, continually have problems with pontoons cutting between myself and shore. To me that is way worse than somebody crowding in. And these people aren't fishing in a tourney. And frankly I'm not sure what their hurry is anyway. Most already have one foot in the grave!:C
  11. As a boat fisherman that spends more time on the banks I can say that I too am always amazed and some of the boaters carelessness for the people fishing. Don't get me wrong, the water's there for everybody, but what drives me nuts is when they buzz along the shore with that goofy grin that says "Lookey there at them people on the shore - they're all lookin at me, they MUST think I'm cool"..

    I don't think they are trying to be jerks (most of them anyway) I honestly think they have no clue that it's rude to buzz that close to the shore when people are fishing it.

    My buddies and I have sort of a moving no wake zone withing 50 yards of anybody fishing - even further for known fishing areas.

    Now, with that said - we probably do 20 other things that tick other people off - for example, I'll bet the waverunner people have their own pet peeves about certain things boaters do..I guess I'll go to their forum to find out :)

    If they only knew..

  12. most tourny anglers are not rude i always ask if im getting close if i can go ahead its just common courtesy if there is a big tourny on the lake or river i just dont fish there that day my problem is with crappie fishermen on eastfork in the spring and fall forcing there way into a spot if they see you catching anyways maybe just a bad experince my way bottom line ust give the guy up or down from you room
  13. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    First like many others have said its the 5% or less of any sport, function, or event that make us all look bad in anything we do. We can pick apart boaters, tournament anglers, bank fisherman, skiers, jet skiers etc.

    The thing is education, common curtiousy, and values. You see something don't go off try to explain to the person what they did and how it affects them and the group they are involved with. Or explain to your own kids what was wrong with what the person did thus insuring that they will not do it and understand why.

    Now i have ran tournaments for several years and i will personnely tell ya you couldn't ask for a better group of guys and people that i have fished with in my circuit over the past couple years. I respect them all and know that none of them would conduct themselfs in the manners you speak.

    I have retrieved bobbers and other items for bank anglers etc and even done it durring a tournament.

    It is a shame that in this world a very small group of people can ruin things for the whole. And this goes with everything. Hunting, private property, ponds, you name it a very small part of many groups has given those groups a bad name.