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  1. shwookie

    shwookie fishing from a kayak

    In another thread we were discussing this and thought I would share what I have come up with. Its not perfect, but for no more than it is, it works well.

    What I used:
    small washer
    m4 screw
    PVC cutters
    Drill bit
    Sand paper/dremil

    1. Cut rear end of sharpie off, I cut right as the end curves. If you cut to deep farther up the marker, you can cut the ink cartridge. Cutting at the end lets you cut the body and pull the cartridge out intact. Makes it a much cleaner job(trust me). I used my pvc cutters, but a dremil with a cut off wheel, or something similar makes quick work of this job.

    2. Pull tip out of body. I had to also take a small drill bit to it to remove all of it.

    3. Sand ridge where the cap goes on. Without sanding, the O ring will not roll over it.

    4. Install screw and washer where tip was.

    5. Um, go fish.

    3 of the 4 worms I tested on.

    Pieces I used.


    3" senko fits easily.

    Yammamoto craw also easily fits.

    4" senko fits. You do need to lubricate and slightly twist the worm to get it in though.

    Jacks worm/magic stik fits as well.

    You could ream out the end to make application easier, but being a kayak fisherman, I like things that float....

    All in all, I have about $2 and 10 minutes in this project.
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    sweet, now how did u get the ink thing out without it getting everywhere.

  3. shwookie

    shwookie fishing from a kayak

    It has a cartridge in it. As long as you don't cut the cartridge, it just pulls out. Inside the sharpie is clean, looks just like the outside.
    The tip is pretty easy to remove as well, it just takes a little effort.
    I didn't get any ink on me doing this.

    FYI, the cartridge has a 3/16th diameter or so, its quite a bit smaller then the sharpie.

    Also, cutting the very end of the sharpie should get you past the end of the ink.
  4. i must have missed that thread ......can you re post what a o ring does for plastic worms........thanx ......mid
  5. shwookie

    shwookie fishing from a kayak

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    Where can I find some O-rings for a good price, and what size o-ring are the ones your using Brock? I found a package of 4(FOUR!) for $1.99!!!! Sears hardware, what a rip. After looking at a few stores and digging thru the house I found something that should work, just the right diameter, plastic and the wife won't miss it, I did find two other things that would have worked but wifey wouldn't let me take it apart, darn girl don't understand FISHING!!!! If anyone has some ideas for CHEAP o-rings please post, I'm broke enough without .50 o-rings.
  7. shwookie

    shwookie fishing from a kayak

    I got 25 for a fair amount.
    2.25 to be exact.

    Not sure on a replacement.