Rubber-bootfoot-wader repair?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by boss302, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. I have a pair of nylon over rubber boot foot waders that has an anoying (and cool) leak in one foot. I can't seem to pinpoint the source of the leak, other than that it may be in the area of the seam along the side or the area where the boot is bonded to the leg.

    Any repair ideas? or should I just get another pair? These ones are mabe 8 years old and have seen moderate use, mostly earlier in their life. I've used them less than 3 times in the past three years, so I don't want to invest much into a new pair.

    Thanks for your help.
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    If you think the seam is leaking you can slather the whole thing with Mcnett's Seam Grip. It is very similiar to (if not the same) the stuff companies use to seal the seams of tents, jackets, waders, etc. It is a very handy field repair item.

  3. If you can't find the leak fill the leg with water and look for the leak. Dry the boots and try aquaseal on the leak. Ganders should carry it. If the boot is in a area of rubber a tire patching place should be able to patch it for you.

    I would worry about the rubber part dry rotting after 8 years so i wouldn't put to much $ in them. A tube of aquaseal is around $6.
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    I am in your boat! my cousin has tears the size of 50 caliber bullet holes and repairs his easy but I can't see any holes at all in mine and after fishing for the day my crotch is like a lil baby after a few hours without a changing
    I gooped the whole crotch seam with vinly sealant and still leaky. I tried again hopefully it worked this time. I am not counting on it tho. I am this close to getting me some neoprene ones instead. they lasted me a year so far. I think its the damn hills and stress you put on um and crap that mess um up easliy.
  5. Thanks! :-(

    I slathered on a bunch of sealant and they are still leaking. Looks like I'll be donning a hefty bag on my right leg before stepping foot in the river.

    Does any one know of a decent FAIRLY CHEAP wader deal?? These ones were >$50 and served me well. I think I'm looking for the same, more or less.
  6. If you got 8 years for $50, they don't need to be patched. They need to be replaced. Rodmakers has some decent prices on waders.
  7. where ya located i have a pair of 10.5 ill sell ya another guy wanted them but cant seem to find the time to pick em up. They are like new been stored fora few yrs a i loaned em to a guy once and then they went back in the box.
  8. Thanks for the offer. Those are 2-1/2 sizes too big though.
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    maybe you cant find the leak cuz they are dry rotted?....thats what happend to mine.little tiny cracks that seep in a ton of water....tried using all the glue and stuff but the boots kinda flexas you walk and stuff so that was only a temporary bet if you have the cash and want to be totally dry for these cold months approaching is to buy some new threads buddie!;) or you could put on a pair of sox.. then a hefty bag then another pair of sox that might keep ya a little drier! seeing as you dont go out too often might be a good inprovise! also they do sell a neoprean bootie at cabella's for like 15$ that might help keep your toes dry. it kinda acts like a sock but repells water and cold. good luck
  10. Those cabelas neoprene socks suck!!! I bought a pair last spring to counteract my leaking wader boots. Before I ever even wore them out I filled them with water at home to check for leaks and the water came gushing right through all the seams. I took those back and exchanged them for a new pair...but again the same thing. I didn't want to make another trip though so I just used Goop to seal all the seams and that made them fully waterproof. But my wader boots still leaked so bad that they would fill up with water which would eventually just spill over the neoprene socks. By the way, Amazing Goop (Sports and outdoor) works great on sealing leaks in neoprene, but like SteelinaTrout said, once your boots are dry rotted and all cracked there's really nothing you can do for them.