rubber boot repair help?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bulafisherman, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. out scouting for the opener monday,crossed a fence and tore an 1 1/2 inch rip half way up the side of my new rubber swamptrackers, do I stand a chance of getting my hands on something that will work to repair them or are they trash? hate to pitch them, havent even broke them in!:mad:
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    goop. most likely the marine goop might be best or the regular tennis shoe goop.

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    Great product used on dive gear called aqua seal. You can get it at any scuba gear or dive gear outfit.
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    If they are rubber.. rubber tire patch works for me.Seals and streches with the boot.
  5. I second the aqua-seal, I patch my waders with it and it holds up great!!
  6. If they are rubber take them to a tire repair place and get them to patch them for you. I;ve never had one of their patchs come loose. If not rubber aquaseal is great.
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    I am probably wording this wrong but I had a pair that ripped a few years back and I had a "vulcanized" patch put on. It held up for years.

    I also had a pair of brand new (1st time out) Lacrosse's burly's that caught a piece of barbed wire and they ripped. After I explained what I did, Gander Mt. took them back and I was lucky enough that they replaced them with a new pair. May be worth a shot to try and get them replaced.
  9. When i had a hole in my boot I actually melted some plastic and dripped it onto the rip and pushed from the inside of the boot to make the sides even, and just pour it along where the two sides meet.