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  1. Was scountin last night on the Grand, started at the rte 20 bridge in Painesville, looked like a really good spot for smallies, some big pools and lots of rocks, anyone have any luck there? What about from 528 to Mason's Landing? looked like a lot of good water or would i be waisting time, (other than nice scenery) What about lures? tubes or Mepps Style spinners?
  2. Caught this smallie tonight on the Grand River by Mason's Landing. Got total of 4 in about an hour. Pic is not good , we only had a cellphone camera. All caught on a tube w/1/8 oz jighead. Color was a dark green w/ flakes.. Goin back tommorrow! (yes all fish released)

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    Nice smallie and a cute kid, congrats.
    Stick with the tubes, you can't go wrong with them.:)
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    now thats a classic photo..!! id say you did PERFECT with your cellphone. fantastic, congrats...!
  5. I grew up within walking distance of that Rt. 20 bridge in Painesville, and spent lots of time there. Little slice of paradise right in the middle of Painesville. I'm actually making a trip home next month, and that's one spot I was planning on hitting.
  6. OH.......I misread it for a moment, the FISH were released!!!!:p Nice smallie!!!
  7. What's your opinion on gobie baits?
  8. Thanks for all the congrats! My little fishing partner,,(granddaughter, we let her throw the litle ones back in ) and I thank you..But the REAL thanks go to all of the members who contribute so much info on this board...I just followed what you guys said about color, weight, where and how to fish the differant baits...It's been years but just started river fishin agin...Again thanks for the help...Steve
  9. I know this thread is old, but thought I'd touch it up. I fished that portion of the Grand River under the Rt. 20 bridge the other day and caught nothing, but my dad was with me and caught a small Perch and a small Rock Bass. He also had to wade in so I could get my Rat-L-Trap back.
  10. Well welcome back to fishin Steve!

    Im loookin forward to fishin the grad this summer.. the good ole days!

  11. i like top water smallie fishing on the grand in harpersfield. they jump clear out of the water for the popper.
  12. I'll second the topwater smallie fishing. I spent three days late last summer fishing behind Kenissee campground and caught huge numbers of aggressive smallies. By far my favorite summer fish to catch. Steelies take to cake as far as fight though.(not a summer fish)