Rt73 & RT42 instersection sucks

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  1. Fletch

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    This intersection is in dire need of repair. The pavement is terrible.
    Perhaps the repair shops close to Waynesville like the pavement due to the thrashing of truck/trailer thrashing but I'm sick of it.

    How much money did they spend on this intersection last year or the year before? 6 million? And they can't repair the D pavement?
    What a freakin joke.
  2. A proper repair reduces the need for more work!

  3. I got one thats even worse. RT73/Shartz RD/75n at 5:00. Our office relocated to Springboro last fall and I am about ready for some road rage when I leave work to get on the interstate.
  4. Fletch

    Fletch FishOn

    I hear ya.
    Try Mason-Montgomery+Fields Ertel+I-71 (on ramp or off ramp - take your pick) at 8am or 5pm.
    All I can say is I wish you were allowed to shoot at vehicles :>)

    But, at least the road is somewhat smooth. That intersection in Waynesville will tear your trailer up if you aren't careful. And the fact that they spent all that money to improve the intersection without repaving is just plain stupid. Someone from ODT needs to be tarred and feathered.
    The idiots at ODT should pave that intersection with cement instead of blacktop. Like Cincinnati said "A proper repair reduces the need for more work!"
    Maybe ODT thinks of the huge holes and bumps as rumble strips or something?
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    That is a bad piece of road, especially if you are rolling down that hill! I always slow up pretty good, but then I worry about getting rear-ended.