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  1. how's the ice at meinke's ( not sure if i spelled that right. ) a guy that has a slot out there want's to fish it saturday but i wanted to check thickness for him. anyone know? thanks.

  2. thanks for the heads up!
  3. 33 degrees and sprinkling there now
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    I ice fish the marina's up there all of the time,I've never concerned myself much about the thickness of the ice considering I don't have to stand on it.If the ice is less than 3" thick,I just stand on a dock and drill my holes as close to the dock supports as possible,I prefer the wooden supports over metal ones.A couple of friends have been getting good numbers of gills along with a few plate crappies at a marina in West Harbor,they said it was about the only one they had found that had any depth.Most are under 3' deep that they have checked.
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    Hey have antoehr update kinzua. Open water spot at meinkes!!!! Although most of it was 2in.+ just lettin ya no! Check out my report-have pics.