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  1. Am working a job in ravenna, on rt 14 heading to ravenna is a lake near diagonal rd. What lake is this and are you allowed to fish it?
  2. Mostly private with a hefty fine & arrest for not following the rules. Use 'search this forum' for "Rockwell" for a ton of information and legal spots.

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    The lake your refering to on the corner of Diagonal and RT14 is Cowans Lake.You can only fish there if you were one of the lucky ones to buy a 5 acre lot for $135,000.All 11 parcels have been sold.Talked my brother into buying one of them a couple years ago, that's how I know.A little further down RT 14 is Lake Rockwell and YOU ARE ALLOWED TO FISH THERE.Look up some of the old posts regarding Lake Rockwell or give me a call.I'll let you know where you can fish on the lake...........Mark 330-221-5213