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RRP Report 08/07/04 - Smallies by day, flatties by night

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by THarris, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. THarris


    The River Rat Pack decided to alleviate some recent frustration (due to generally poor results thus far in 2004) by having a 24-hour FISHING MARATHON on Saturday. The morning shift was dedicated to bassin, the afternoon shift was spent catching bait and making preparations for the night shift - which was a cattin mission from dusk til dawn.

    Smalliehunter and I began the marathon at daybreak as we entered our local
    river for some smallie wading. The conditions were not ideal as the water
    was up around 6" and stained.

    I scored first with a small spot:

    Tom scored next with an outstanding river smallie. This fish was long and

    I was next with a decent smallie:

    We continued to catch bass until we stopped at noon, winding up with
    around 10 between us.

    The afternoon was dedicated to making preparations for the cattin mission
    and catching bait. My brother Greg, the third and final member of the RRP,
    joined us at this time -- we caught 30 bluegills from a local pond. I had
    already trapped around 12 large creek chubs throughout the week plus we bought some
    additional large live bait. In all we had 60+ live baits for the night's action.

    With everything prepared, we set out for our spot and the long walk in.
    After getting all the gear into the spot (we sure could have used a team of
    pack mules), we began preparations of making "base camp". The bank was
    modified to allow use of our folding chairs, tackle was placed within reach,
    food and beverages tended to, etc.

    As Smalliehunter and Big G finished preparations around their chairs, I
    baited up my first rod and cast it out just as darkness began to fall. I then prepared my
    second rod -- I placed a medium sized bluegill on the 8/0 4x hook and cast
    it out ... my Quantum Iron 420 clicked slowly as my bait was in the current
    and I waited for it to settle. Just then I noticed the rod tip start to
    bounce and the clicker increased it's pace -- I had my first run before the
    bait even hit bottom! This 5.3 lb flattie was the result:

    As I released the fish and grabbed my rod to reload the bait, my first rod's
    clicker began to peel... I set the hook on this 7.6 lb flattie:

    About 2 hours later I hooked this 10.4 pounder:

    At this point I am sure Smalliehunter and Big G were wondering what was
    going on as I was having nearly all the runs and they were mere yards from me.
    They were not left out of the action for long however! Big G landed this channel cat:

    Tom was up next, landing this flattie in the wee hours of the morning - around 330am:

    All in all we had a good night. No monsters, but fairly steady action until dawn and plenty of chances. We landed a total of 5 flatties and one channel, with around 10 solid runs missed between us. As we reached the 24th hour of our marathon, we packed it up and headed for home...
  2. smalliehunter

    smalliehunter "The Mighty Wing Man"

    YOU my friend had the MOJO that day!!!!!!!!! Great 24 hours........ :D

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Thanks for the in depth story guys !!! Hey, you are catchin the flatties anyhow ;) Better action than no action, and the big ones will arrive. Nicely done on the bassin also. It has been a little better than last year, as I recall. THE CATKING !!!
  4. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Looks like a great day, nice flatheads and a superb smallie up top.
  5. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Great story! I am glad you guys had some action
  6. THarris


    We were just happy to have some decent action for a change -- on the bass as well as the cats. You are correct KING, not as bad as last year but there for a while it seemed like it was going to be! :eek: :( Spring and early summer really stunk for us. Things are picking up now though ... our bassin trip before this one produced very good results as well. Sorry to post pics of dink flatties like that, but like I said we were just happy to get some action! Bigger ones will follow soon, we're on to 'em now..... :D :rolleyes: