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  1. What is the top of the line router? My issue is this:

    I work from home now. I have three computers, a printer, and a Wii set up on a secure network. I use a Lynksys WRT54G for all of these. My internet provider is WOW cable and I use their cable modem.

    I have some connectivity issues with one of the facilities I work with. It can't seem to stay connected. I have no other issues with any other connections to work applications or internet connection issues. No other program goes down nor do I have any disruption of internet service. I have moved the router to be hardwired to my computer. I have the cable modem connected to the router by an ethernet cable and then an ethernet cable directly to my computer from the router. Still I have this conectivity issue. I spent two hours with my company's IT and they tweaked some code and I hope it works better. BUT the IT guy said I may need to replace my router or direct connect with the cable modem which I don't believe is possible with the WOW cable modem box. I only have one "out" slot that I recognize.

    So here's the questions: Should I upgrade to a better router? If so which one? Money is only a small question because I need this job and will "invest in my future" if need be.

    Also can I run the ethernet cable directly to my computer and then out to the router and still manintain the network for other things in other parts of the house? (sort of reversing my set up.)

    Or should I just pack my stuff and move to Alaska to pan gold?

    I am very limited on my understanding of internet/computers so try to be simpler in your answer.

    Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    You have several questions within your thread, but I will attempt to answer all of them. First thing is this. There are several versions of the WRT54G router. I used to swear by them, but had a few bad experiences with them after Cisco purchased them. The router I had issues with was a V5. I personally now use a Netgear WGT624V3 which I love. I have not had any issues with it, and the range is really good. I have 2 computers, Xbox 360, Wireless laptop connected, and also get my phone over it (VoIP).

    I assume that you are connecting via VPN? These connections can be tricky when connecting through a home office router.

    If you connect your cable modem directly to your computer that is the only computer that can use the connection. You can not run it back to your router and continue to function. (This could be accomplished however wouldn't really make much sense). If I were you I would use the 'DMZ' function in your router. Have you tried that yet?