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  1. Anyone part of this club? Anyone going to be fishing the ALum Creek Open?
  2. Buzzman and I will be fishing the open at Alum Creek on the 16th of April. We're looking forward to it. I met a few of the guys at the DSG Grand Opening sale on Sawmill about a month back. They seemed like a good group of guys. Most clubs are though.


  3. I'm ready to get out there!
  4. hey i was wanting to go. but i dont have a boat are they in need of any ride alongs? and what dock would they meet at and what time?
  5. The New Galena ramp is beng used for the open tournament. Would only make sense as it is the largest of the ramps at Alum. It can handle more boats than the others. I know some co-anglers sit at the ramp the day off to see if they can catch a ride. But I'm sure if you post here someone in need may contact you.

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    This open was my first tournament ever (last year). There was over 30 boats, but only about 1/2 the field weighed anything (I got skunked :( ) It was worth it though, they had more (and better) door prizes than any other open I was at. Just about everyone who fished it got something. Everyone was very friendly. I have already sent in the entry for this year and looking foward to it!
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    A well run tourney and tons of door prizes. I'll be at Dale Hollow so won't be able to mke it. Good luck guys.
  8. So is anyone going to this that i could get a ride on and share cost to get in the tournement? If you can just pm me thanks.