rotator cuff surgery!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wave warrior, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. took a spill at work last month and thought it was just bruised...well the MRI showed a severe tear and surgery is the only way to fix it!!!:mad: 2-3 months recovery...looks like i'll miss the entire hunting season and have to ice fish left handed!!!! man am i bummed about that!!:B :! !# =:S :mad:
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    Ahhh, you're still a young buck :! Do your rehab religously and you will be back in the game before you know it ! Just don't use that pole hole auger you guys fabricated last year ! :eek:

  3. Lewis


    I hope you heal up quickly!
  4. I hope all goes well for you, we will rehabing together I go 8-26 to have my seperated shoulder fixed and I will be looking at a 3 month recovery.
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    Ouch wave warrior! I think I am in the same boat. My shoulder has been bothering me now for about 3 months. I know something is wrong but I just won't go get it fixed. Keep hoping it will get better. Where exactly is the rotator cuff? My pain is right on top of the shoulder where the arm meets.
  6. very likely the same...wont get better on its own according to my surgeon...he said at my age (41) it has to be done now before it gets worst....
  7. I had the same surgery I also tore my labrum took me about 4-5 months to recover then about a year to feel normal again!
  8. The sooner you get it fixed the better. Ease into therapy, but be diligent about it. Find a good surgeon. I have witnessed many people go through this operation and with widely differing results based on attitude/surgeon/health. Good luck and let us know how you recover.
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    had one of our maint men at work go in for Rcuff surgery....he was never seen again:eek:
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    Ah man, that one bites...! Hope it works out and you're back at'em in a pinch. ;)
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    Oh hell. Your not a major league pitcher so just tough it out. Seriously, I only strained mine and I swear it takes forever to heal. It seems like a long road but surgery is the way to go and is actually the short road in the long run.

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    I tore mine and really screwed up the bones and nerves.
    Now i have two anchors and rope and screws.
    I have my range of motion but still have some problem raising my hand up correctly.
    But for the most part my shoulder is good to go. Had a goo thearpist. He is a good friend. Used to work for the crew. Hes down in grove city.
    Just do rehab like church, and youll be fine. My shoulder/cuff i have to warm it up a little brfore i do something hard, but really no problems.
  13. well heck i cant drill a hole with a MANUAL1 ! !!!! LOL!!!!
  14. go to rehab. I have a slight tear from April, 2007. In October I finally went to see the doctor and although it looked like I have a small tear in the rotator, he put me on physical therapy and by December it felt alot better. I can golf now and it feels pretty darn good without the surgery.

    I made the mistake of resting my shoulder and that made it worse as it turned into a case of 'frozen shoulder'. The frozen shoulder cost me a good month in therapy as I had to loosen it back up.
  15. well i SURE i will be spotted at the "fest"! LOL!! i'll be the one with extra hardware!! LOL