"root beer foam" - what exactly is it?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Boilie, Jul 23, 2005.

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    we've all seen "root beer foam" usually in rivers below dams or in eddies, etc. While I'm fairly certain its nasty stuff, I have no idea what it actually is. Does anyone know? Be as specific as possible please (ie:like when the 1,1,1,3,3,3 dichloroethylmethoketone butydioxipentanol from Roundup reacts with H20 its produces "root beer foam".) thank you.

    i do realize it probably takes air/water turbulance to help create it in the first place, but what other factors/ingregients help to form it?
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    "Root beer foam" - what exactly is it...
    it's made from the same componants as Solent Green...in the book & movie Farenhiet 451.

    If you saw the movie you have to remember Charlton Heston crying thru the streets.
    "Solent Green is PEOPLE !!" Okay (??) and "Root beer foam" is Solent Green only in aerosol form (foam) :C

    The above blabble is merely my thoughts and/or opinions.
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    I always called it scum.
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    actually.. those scum are pretty much the protein(and other impurities) in the water that have been seperated by air bubbles in the current.. same thing you would see in an ocean..
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    Just a theory....I invite others to tell be I'm full of it.

    This could also be caused by fertilizer run-off. Phosphorous in fertilizer used to also be a common ingredient in detergents to make it suds up--or clean better--or something. They banned it when they realized it was causing our waterways to choke up with weeds, thereby depleting the available oxygen to animal life......Now, isn't phosphate also an ingredient in sodas?.....hmmmm

    Why don't you taste the foam and see if it tastes like root beer? :)

    I'm going fishing now.
  6. Well I was wondering if this was true and I looked at a Pepsi bottle and I didn't see it in the ingrediants.
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    Thanks a lot bill_gfish. Thank your friend jeeves also. and to think I actually studied surface tension, surfactacts, and wetting agents. guess I got no street smarts :D

    "mr providing the answer for us" person today is bill_gfish, let's all salute him!
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    GAS...or at least it causes it...LOL
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    Phosphoric acid is however.

  11. Boilie, I don't believe that that compound can exist, because the "Pent" in the compounds name means that there is a five carbon chain, but at the beginning, you have 1,1,1,3,3,3 which is six substituants, and with Pent"an"ol, this means there are only single carbon-carbon bonds and no double bonds therefore only allowing for the total amount of 5 substituents on this 5 carbon chain, check me on this though, my ochem is a little rusty

  12. ????? :p :confused:

    I felt semi-smart this morning when i woke up.
    Not any more! Thanks for clearing up that little bit of pride that's been hanging on like a cold!!! :D
  13. Jason you paid way too much attention in ochem, but yes i agree with you on that one, but then again I took ochem 3 years ago so I might be wrong too.
  14. Sorry bout that MKatt, Yeah i guess i did, i am a chem major, but i had to take ochem 1, ochem 2 and advanced ochem, kinda just stuck with me i guess.

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    I wanted to be a medical doctor my whole life. after taking one quarter of organic chemistry I decided that it wasn't worth it....yuck! Grignard reagent anyone?...change the pent to hex maybe?