Rookie with some stupid questions

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  1. Going out for my first deer -Friends are taking me showing me the ropes but i am missing some of the steps. Dont want to feel like an idiot (or more than usual) but I would like to know what I am going to be doing. I think i have most of the steps but what am i missing?

    Rookie question Number 1:
    Got my license
    got my tag
    got my bow
    and arrows
    sitting in the woods
    see deer
    shoot Deer
    find dead (hopefully)
    Tag deer
    Gut deer
    Ice cavity
    where do you put the guts?
    drag deer to truck
    using Map or gps
    What now?

    Take deer to check

    Am i missing a step?

    Take deer to Proccessor
    eat deer!
    Get ready for next year!
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  2. I just wish it was easy as this.
    After finding your deer gut it. Don't take it to the processor with its guts in it. If its warm outside gut it and cool it off as soon as possible. Open the cavity with a stick or something. Alos before you move your deer make sure you have a temporary tag on it. Lots of people get citations for not tagging their deer.

  3. Ahh yes thats why i am supposed to bring a pencil! When gutting the deer what do you do with the entrails? bury them? do i bring a garbage bag? and throw them away? My fear is getting the "new Guy" treatment and falling for the "now you have to wear the liver around your neck" Tradition....:p
  4. Generally I leave the guts where the deer fell unless it is close to houses or something like that.
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    you need a pen or pencil to fill out your tag
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    I have my tags with pen/pencil and materials to attach to the deer in a baggie in my backpack. This way, in all the excitement of getting the deer I won't be searching for a pencil.

    I also have an extra rope in my bag for dragging the deer out. This is actually one of my concerns. When (if) I fianlly get a deer, the fact that I hunt alone will make dragging out that monster buck tough. :!

    Also, don't forget your grunt calls, scent eliminators, range finder, etc., etc.... Your "toys" if you will! :)

    Lastly, depending on time of day...flashlight. Those woods are PITCH BLACK at 5:00am. When I scouted, I put little reflector push pins on my tree so I could find it. Otherwise I would have had no clue where I was going . I even have a back up flashlight, I mean, if that thing quit working, I would be screwed. Can't see your hand in front of your face! :)
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    You need to attach the tag to the deer also. And before you start to field dress the deer, make sure it is dead. You may have a problem on your hands if you don't lol. Also when field dressing it, watch for any sharp broken bone(s), arrow heads or anything else that may harm you.

    JTRESS consistently confused

    Hey newbie,

    Glad to hear you are headed out hunting. I shot my buck on Saturday morning. Let me warn you that in this heat you want to take a pro-active aproach to caring for your deer or else you won't be eating it.. Saturday the heat was up, and the fly's were terrible. You want to get that deer gutted out as fast as possible, get as much of that blood out of that cavity also, ( I always like to gut mine with the head pointed up hill ) In this warm weather, before heading to the check station I like to hit a waterhose at some point, to wash more blood out of there and to help cool the deer off quicker. Then stop and pack that deer full of ice bags, (usually 2 of the smaller ones fit nicely ). Get him checked in. If you are going to process him yourself, get him hung up, (no aging in this heat) Skin him out quickly, and then quarter him like you would an elk. Place the meat in seperate plastic bags in a refrigerator ( not a freezer! ). let the meat cool down before doing anything more.... Also watch what kind of plastic bags you put the meat in. Some bags have scent control and stuff like that on them...... you don't want chemicals like that on your awesome, all natural, healthy venison..... Must importantly, have fun while you enjoy the freedom of being able to hunt and provide for yourself...:)
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    Topo map of the area

    If you have one a handhelp gps would be very helpful finding your way in the dark and also waypointing where you shot the deer if you have a long search on your hands.
  10. Lewzer

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    Don't forget your arrows.

    Don't forget to practice shooting your arrows.
  11. Just a little advice on cooling your deer. DO NOT hose out your deer without drying it THOROUGHLY!! Water will breed bacteria which will cause your meat to have a tainted taste. Heat, Dirt, and Moisture are the enemies of good tasting game. Get it gutted, keep the cavity as small as possible until you get back to the truck, then open it wide and prop it. If you put ice in your deer, keep it in the bag, and even double bag it to keep the interior dry.

    Good hunting and Good Luck. God bless.