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  1. I just bought my first big boat this spring. it is a 16' deep V tracker with a 40hp merc on the back. Most of my experience driving has been on tiller style boats. On the reare accasion i did fish on a boat with a steering wheel the owner of the boat drove.

    so anyway here is my question as i approach top end my boat wants to pull to the right pretty bad. i can hold it straight with one hand no problem but i dont think it is suposed to do that.... Any input?

    thanks in advance
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    things come to mind
    1)do you have power trim? if so trim up some and that should help
    2)on the bottom of cavitation plate there is an adjustable tab that will turn to correct pulling
    3)adjust the weight(gear-fuel tank-battery etc.) so boat runs true
    hope this helps!!



    Not sure what its called but this is a pic of the tab Wave Warrior is talking about. There should be an access hole with a plug in it directly above the tab. I think you need a long allen wrench to loosen the bolt so you can turn the tab. I belive that you need to turn it in the direction of pull but i cant remember for sure. Use caution when you adjust it because a little goes a loooooooong way.

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  4. edge, the torque tab is meant to have the boat run true at top end. It may not run true at other speeds. If at wide open throttle you aren't pulling left or right, it is set right. If at a mid range throttle setting, there could be some pulling one way but it isn't usually that bad.
  5. Thanks for all the input guys! I will make the adjustments tonight!

    thanks again
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    do it at the lake as you may need to do it more than once,to find the sweet spot.