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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by fshnteachr, Sep 29, 2007.

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    I have been doing a lot of squirrel hunting this year. I am going to try my luck with a bow soon too. My uncle has been mentoring me.

    My quesiton is this, do many folks deer hunt public lands or is it primarily private? I have been doing my squirrel hunting in public land, I don't really want to come across some dude in a tree stand out there, not do I want to ruin his deer hunt with my gun blasting.

  2. Having other hunters walk in on you is just part of the deal when hunting public land. If I am hunting and see another hunter, I will make every attempt possible to avoid the area they are in but sometimes you just can't. I have had very good luck hunting public land for deer. Every deer I have killed during the gun seasons have been on public land. My thing is just to get deeper into the woods than other hunters will go. Most guys don't hunt to far from where they park. During gun season, just get in and get settled well before daylight and the other hunters that wait until daylight will drive the deer right to you. I havn't had too much success bow hunting public land but that won't be a problem this season. I have several private farms to hunt this year. I found with some advice from others on here that if you get out early and do your homework it isn't really all that difficult to get permission to hunt private property. Good luck!!

  3. I do all my bow hunting on public property b4 gun season then hit the private property after gun season,