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  1. All right guys, it seems that I keep running across problem after problem.

    Now its my roof. I have noticed in the past few weeks that my shingles are looking really bad ie; peeling and breaking. I can see some sagging spots on my roof which worries me also. I went up today to clean gutters and noticed a few spots that looked sunken in and a few spots that felt soft when I walked on them. So I am guessing it is time to learn how to roof. I would love to just pay someone to do it, but I am tapped right now because our basement is in the process of being dug out and straightened.

    So I got the general idea, rip off old shingles ( yes I have 2 layers already ), replace any bad sheathing, lay down tar paper, and nail the shingles on the roof.

    I understand that it is a bit harder then I made it sound, such as where to start shingles, ridges, and whatnot. But it seems pretty simple, which worries me. Am I getting in over my head or is this a pretty straight forward job to undertake as long as I don't mind doing the hardwork?

    One thing I cannot figure out as well is when I start tearing off ,what do I do if it rains? I don't have a tarp big enough to cover the whole roof? What is the process to this?

    Any tips or help is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  2. well you got the right idea for the would be best to have atleast one experienced roofer helping you....there is alot more to a roof than you may think....flashing chimneys,vents pipes etc just to name a few....proper ventilation as in air intake in soffit and a proper ridge vent system to ensure long life out of the new buildup in winter on lower slope roofs as well as in valleys are also some things to consider. been in roofing for 20 years and a foreman for over 12 with the same company so i have done a few!! LOL!! feel free to pm me with any ??? you may have...i'll help all i can

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    Also might be looking at replacing some plywood if your finding soft and sagging spots.
  4. Here is what I found so far, I will need to replace some wood as I can see from the underside it is dark and rotted.

    As for soffet vents, I have them on the side, will I need them on the ridge as well? All I have now is shingle down the ridge

    My roof dimensions are 14 foot wide by 28 foot long, how do I figure out how many square will I need? I thought I just multiplied 14 by 28 and divided by 100 and multiplied that by 2 giving me 7.84 I close?

    If a bundle cost 19 dollars, and there are 3 bundles in a square that means my shingle cost would be 446.88?

    Am I getting

    Thanks for the help so far guys.
  5. your math is correct....although there will be some waste in cuttoffs and around protrusions...get a few extra bundles as you can return unopened ones...and yes you will need a ridge vent the entire lenth of building...if your getting shingles THAT cheap you are either buying a low grade or are lucky!!!! my price that i pay just went over $70 a square for 30yr dimentional shingles and $45 a bundle for ridge cap....and do use ice guard if roof is less than a 6/12 pitch
    where are you?????
  6. OLLL Go to this might help answer some of your questions. Tight lines Fishguy
  7. Rather then tearing off the whole roof at once you may want to do it in sections fixing one side at a time. Wave does know roofs I'll give him that one of the best in the buisness so his advice is sound. I hate roofing! lol Good Luck.
  8. Ridge cap comes by the foot. Roof ridge cap needed for 28Ft run of ridgeline-prob. 22-24 feet subtracting for the overhang on each end plus 16-18" on either side of the wall. Deduct chimney width(if you have one) + one foot on either side if in the middle part of your roof. Get ridge vent detail sheet at your supplier.
    Be CONSTANTLY aware of where you are while working on a roof for safety sake, esp. near the edges!