Romeo, O Romeo...!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Hook N Book, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Hook N Book

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    Where for aft thou, O Romeo...! ;)

    Me thinks (if there ever was one) the love affair is over. :eek:
    If Quinn was still at Norte Dame, the Fighting Irish probably would beat the Browns...! I certainly hope this was not the Brown's "A" game out there today...if so, they might want to consider the "Spread Offense" (read Oregon) going against the Mighty Bengals next week...!

    The only way to end this frustration is to convert and become a part of the "BENGAL NATION"...Who Dey...! :D

    Now, let's hear it Brownie, fans...! :D
  2. One word, PATHETIC!

    I could never turn against the Browns but I can't tell you how disappointed I am right now. I waited a year for this? BS :( :confused: :( :mad: :mad: :mad:

  3. No big suprise on the game, I think the pre-season record 3-1 got some fans hopes up. The first string offense did very little in the pre-season and that continues. The first string defense only good game was against KC in the first game and KC ran a very conservative offense that game. Other than that they did not play well against other teams first string offense.

    I predicted another long season for us browns fans and see no reason to change it. Everyone was looking for improvement but I sure did not see it and this game kinda proves it. SIGH
  4. RIGHT! I was at my daughter's for the 1st half, but saw Shaffer get pushed back, then knocked on his rear, Frye & Anderson get happy feet, Frye continueing to be way too slow in making decisions & unloading the ball, & as I saw in the pre-season, the D-line is worthless! While it may seem like a small detail, what is Romeo's record on "challenges"? It will be a very long season, but let's not panic & throw Brady to the wolves prematurely.
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    rodney,i'm not actually a fan(was in the old kelly,brown,et al days)but the wife is a die-hard.she walked out of the bedroom this morning and first thiong i heard was "THE BROWNS SUCK.....they'll never win a game this year":D
    thought she was gonna have a mental breakdown right there.i'm gonna ask her right now,how she feels about them.....................................

    HAHAHA.well she's still pouting.

    me..............honey,how about your browns?

    wife................ SHUT UP!!!:D

    that's better than the usual two words i hear when i ask her a stupid question:D
  6. Hook N Book

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    This is too darn funny...! My Ladies Sister has a similar phase, but it usually consists of 4 words...that essentially means to be quiet...! :eek:
  7. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    :D gotcha on that.that's the phrase i always used on a goofy drunk i worked with whenever he got on my nerves,LOL.
  8. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Did you see Romeo's face on the side lines. No emotion. No fight, looked like he gave up, players take after their coach. Look at the Indians they dont give up b/c wedge does no let them, he has tought them not to. romeo needs to go. I know it's not all him but he is a bgi problem. We need to hire Marty.
    Quinn needs to start.
  9. Hook N Book

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    Well, that's not politically correct...LMAO, though...Bubba. ! ;)

    Just for the record, it is all him...I'm out :D
  10. I will agree that this is what I expected. The Browns still look terrible and any Browns fans who got their hopes up in the preseason have no knowledge of football whatsoever. The preseason means nothing! Brady Quinn needs to remain on the bench...for the rest of the season. I would like to see the Browns do the same as the Bengals did with Palmer.

    Ah yes, let's all hear it from Bengal nation. But let's not forget that you guys have the Ravens tomorrow night. Should be a good game, but let me ask you do you expect to win when half of your team is in prison? Chris Henry should have a breakout season.

    Let's face the facts...the Browns are going to have a similar season as last year. The Bengals WILL NOT make the playoffs again because they will finish 3rd in their division behind the Ravens and the Steelers.

    I expect to hear a lot of smack talk throughout the year and I will continue to defend my Browns. I will wait and laugh at the end of the season when the Bengals are sitting at home, just as the Browns, during the playoffs.

  11. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Watching the Browns is a big waste of time and for those who go to see them play it's a big waste of money ! They're getting creamier all the time.
  12. I heard a really funny comment today. I was talking to a guy I work with who is a Browns fan and he said that the team should up and relocate to Los Angeles. Then went on to say that we can pick it up and try it again in another 5 years. Now, I am a Browns fan and that is funny!