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  1. Looking to do some trolling for muskie this summer at alum. Was wondering if I need special trolling rods/reels to do this. I have okuma and diawa heartland MH rods with Diawa Sealine 47 reels. Just curious but thanks for any advice!
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    they will work . i have used mine for them.

  3. Kent come on you know all you need is a medium light 6 Foot Berkley Lightning Rod and you are set for anything swimming. I catch them on one all the time. Oh yeah 6 pound test seems to work best for me!!;):p
  4. The reels are fine. Great if they are the SG models. Not familiar with the rods but they are MH so should be OK just set your drag appropriately. I would recommend some 65 to 80# braid so you don't take a chance on losing a fish that will die with your expensive lure in its mouth.
  5. I definately agree with the need to go 65-80# braid. I ran 30# for my first 2 years at Alum and lost 1-3 lures almost everytime I went out.....ExpensivE....

    Maybe after you've learned the contours of the lake you might downsize the line if really needed (not sure why it would still be needed). I am fishing my 5th season at Alum his year and I still use 65# for a little additional depth than the 80#.
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    They will work if you just plan on doing some muskie trolling with them ocassionally. Use them for any extended period of time pulling larger plugs and trolling speeds up to 5+ mph...crankin' them in packed with weeds.....You'll just see what happens;)

    Seriously, don't expect gear like that to hold up if you plan on putting a good bit of time trolling for muskies. Especially the reels which are really made for walleye fishing. The rods should be fine, but the longer you do it, you will find you'll want to upgrade to heavier rods with less bend in them to keep the tips away from the boat more and less give when that fish strikes your lure. Tight Lines and Good luck.
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