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rods/reels for Ontario?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by EE, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. EE


    need some feedback on rods, etc. for great lakes salmon fishing. A buddy and I are looking to do some fishing on lake ontario this summer and I want to make sure I have the proper equipment to battle (hopefully) some King's.

    We'll be using downriggers that will be installed on a boat by this summer, what would you recommend as a good type of rod (make, length, action) to use with a downrigger? Probably just as important (if not more), what reel do you folks recommend? I have seen some good Diawa reels with line counters in them already, which I assume is great for trolling and downrigging. Lastly, what kind of line (and how much) would you spool onto each reel?
    thanks for any suggestions/input anybody can provide.
  2. EE


    wow, no responses.......any members have any recommendations on downrigger reels and line? surely some of you use downriggers even on Erie, for lake-run steelies.....trying to get some advice on what's appropriate and what's not needed, before I invest too much money in it.....hope a few of you have some recommendations.

  3. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    eeeek, I have two Diawa line counters that I use in Canada for lake trout, Northern. etc. I use a good heavy action rod. Mine aren't expensive at all and I still catch a ton each year. My rods I use are 8 ft. rods. We use both downriggers and dipsy's without any problem. Hope this helps.
  4. EE


    thanks for the info! I've been looking at the Diawa line counters, so it's good to know others use them successfully. without trying to hassle you with too many questions, what kind of line do you use (brand, lb test, etc.)? I've settled on some rods and will look at the Diawa reels more closely, but I think at times the line is more important than anything else. there are so many types and strengths of lines out there, it's mind boggling at times!
  5. eek If you are getting downrigger rods I would look at the bass pro line, power plus, I like the 7'6" rods as they are a little easier to handle.

    For reels the Diawa sg 47 is a good choice but I really like the okuma convector 30. It is a little smaller and the drags are great, plus a little cheaper. A line counter is not realy needed for downriggers as the only distance you need to watch is the lead length from the ball. Most of the time we are 15-25 ft, but I use the reels for other presentations also so the counters make the reel more versital. The Penn GT series in the 310 or 320 are great reels with out the counter.

    For line on the riggers it depends. If the water fleas are bad I use 30 lb Big Game, if they are not bad I use 20 lb Big Game. The Big Game is very reasably priced and holds up great. As far as how much. any of the reel mentioned filled all the way up is good.

    If you plan on running dipseys I would use 12/50 braid, I like power pro myself. You will want at least 300 yrds. We were pulling diseys set back 275 feet last year. A mature king will make hard long runs, I found out last year that 150 yards af braid was not enough, I had a couple of fish put me into the backing with one that broke off at the backing knot when it did not clear the level wind cleanly. It sounded like a rifle going off.

    If you have anymore questions just ask as I love to talk kings.

  6. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I use diawa's for Kings both 47's and 27's. The 27's are on the small size for line capacity and you need to know that and fight the fish accordingly. If I hook a fish on the 27's I turn back towards the fish to reduce the fight times and to prevent being spooled, which has not happened to me yet.

    I run wire line on the dipsey's in Lake Ontario IF the fleas are bad or if I need to get very deep, otherwise I prefer braid to wire in all cases.

    On the downriggers I run a 20# main line (mono or braid ) and then add 100' of 30# trilene big Game to take care of the fleas.

    I fished Lake Michigan last year instead of my annual trek to Lake Ontario. Did pretty well for a first trip with poor weather. The nice part was close in fish and little to no FLEAS.

    What part of Lake Ontario are you going to fish?

    Good luck,
  7. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    For downrigger rods, you can't beat the Ugly Stick BWD (big water downrigger) series rods.

    They are fairly cheap, about $30, and take a beating.

    I have been going to Lake Ontario for the last eight -ten years twice a year on a charter boat. The captain is one of the most highly regarded capts in the area. Thes are what he uses, and I've never seen one fail. I think he uses the Shimano GT series levelwind trolling reels, spooled up with 18# Ande line.
  8. EE


    these are great suggestions, thanks for the info! plenty of stuff to look into and compare. Kim, we're probably going out of Niagra, though it's not completely set in stone yet.
    thanks again for all the help and I'll add a note if questions pop up as I look at these different combinations.