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  1. I bought a steelhead rod with a gift card about two weeks ago there and it broke today. I was just trying to make a long cast and it shattered on the part where the two rods connect together. You can obviously tell it wasn't slammed in a car door. I can't seem to find the receipt. Do you think they'll give me credit towards a new one? I'm not sure how they are with returns. I know I wouldn't have a problem at Dicks or Gander.
  2. If it is a quality rod I would say they will retune it to the mfg. for evaluation and possible replacement. I doubt anything will be done if it is an economy rod. They returned and replaced a St. Croix Avid that broke 6" from the tip.

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    Ray should take care of you they should be able to look at the rod and see that there was something wrong