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Rodmakers here I come ... any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by atrkyhntr, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. I'll be there when they open or close to it Monday morning...
    Any suggestions for a steelhead setup before I leave?
    I will pickup waders, rod and reel, net and incidentals
  2. might as well get some bait too!

  3. Which way you gonna fish?
  4. I am going to go spinning for now since my right elbow is injured from work and I am off for that very reason (ulnar nerve damage)...
    I am almost out the door going to wait till 930am before I head out...
  5. Get a long "noodle" rod and a reel with a very good drag. Are you gonna use waders year round or just winter. Neoprene for winter and fairly thick, water gets really cold!!!
  6. I'll get both the noodle rod and a reel there plus good neoprene too... I'll make sure there is room for extra layered clothing too...
    Pretty much know about how cold it will be from years of coho fishing at the chagrin back in the days and duck hunitng brrrrrrrrrr talk about cold LOL
    THANKS MAN !!!
    Oh yea thinking about 6lb test too yes?
  7. Dingo


    rod = St. Croix Best performance and durability for the price. I'm still using a 9' St. Croix from Rodmakers shop, which I purchased in 1990. Many steelhead have been caught on this rod, with the only replacement being the rod tip a few times from cracking it on overhead trees, bridges, etc.

    reel = something with a good drag and infinite auto-reverse. If you had more time, you could find a good deal with a Cabelas or BassPro brand. I recently upgraded to a higher-end shimano due to the ease of repairs and replacement parts (anyone can fix it) and the presence of waterproof bearings and drag. Make sure that the reel has a deep enough spool to hold a lot of line. I have a new Okuma that I picked up at Dicks for $20 (10 bearings!), but I don't use it for steelhead since the spool is too shallow.

    line = 6 lb test would work. I have been using a brand called T-line which Frank from rodmakers told me about. Good price and very strong. Works great in cold weater. Since the color is a darker brown (like off-color water), I have a 2nd spool with some clear silver thread.

    waders = stockingfoot breathable. Provides most flexibility by varying the amount of clothing underneath and the type of shoe/boot. Make sure that they're large enough to fit a decent amount of clothing underneath.

    The folks at rodmaker's will provide some good input.
  8. I prefer stocking foot breathables with layered poly pro followed by fleece as you don't sweat and they are much more comfortable. A pair of Korker wading boots gives you all the traction flexibility you need. I seldom spin fish but when I do it is with a 8'-6" light tip rod and 6 or 8 pound test mono with a fluro tippet.
    For my favorite which is fly casting, I use a 10'-6" St.Croix Avid with a large arbor graphite reel, steelhead taper Scientific Anglers line, hand tied tapered leader with a 6 to 9 pound flurocarbon tippet.
    Whichever suits you best, as the name of the game is to get hooked up and have fun. :D
  9. I posted a reply and the server ZONKS me grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Here we go again...
    Everything I bought was recomended by the guys at rodmakers...
    I bought two reels both are Daiwa SAMURAI-7i with extra spools so I had one spooled with T-line 6lb and the other with 8lb...
    I bought only one pole for now and will be back when I feel more comfortable in my needs but was told to purchase the Quantum Affinity 9ft noodle rod...
    I tried on the stocking waders but after putting on the boots I felt that I would not be able to do it over and over with my back fused together meaning I can't bend over like most others so I bought Stearns Waders 3.5mm ankle fit 400 gram thinsulate insulation foam insulated boots...
    Already have a vest so off I went and what a diff a day makes...
    The rocky was muddy from the snow melt overnight and really unfishable but I gave it a try for a couple hrs and it felt like old home week...
    Can't wait to hit it when conditions are a little better...
  11. ...on a warm spring day I'll be chasing turkey's not steelies babe ;)