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Rodmaker 2/19@2pm NOAA&LaDo Preseason meeting!

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Nipididdee, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. For anyone interested in checking things out there will be an introductory/preseason meeting for both The Northern Open Anglers Association and The LaDue Reservoir Spring Bass Series at the Rodshoppe in Strongsville (20884 Royalton Rd - 440-572-0400) Sat. Feb. 19th @ 2PM.

    If you ever wanted to kick me in the knee or just wrestle, here's your chance. All rules covered and clairified. The entire 2005 dobass team will be present for both series. We welcome any level of interests! Please leave weapons at home :)

    Ray usually... usually, that is.... hooks up some deals of some nature and has in the past had some pizza etc. Not sure if that is the case this year- but a nice surprise possibly. Many of the regions notorious anglers, even some local pro's, might be around to lie to us all as well!

    We have a surprise too... hmmmm!

    Hope to see all there and place some of the names with faces from OGF!

  2. Sounds like things may get crowded tomorrow!!! May need to get there early!!! Save some B&C jigs for me PLEASE!!!!


  3. What are the B&C jigs? I have never heard of them, can you post a pic of one or a link to them? Thanks
  4. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    I looked last Spring for some information about these on the internet and came up with nothing. Quaility looking jig with good components. Living rubber and "bear" hair make it come alive. $3.19/ea. I beleive, and I have only seen them at the Rodmakers Shop.
  5. OH BASS- they were featured in Bassmaster around this time last year and made locally. Arkie styled head with a 3/0 gamakat hook- like Parma referred- real bear hair and living rubber combo - the action results in a "breathing" of the bait making for an excellent scared crawdad imitation.

    Come on up and checkem out!!! Not sure what supplies are like- I'm scared to ask!

  6. Thanks Guys,
    I have heard a lot about them but never saw one. I think I will get a few. Thanks Again, ohio bass
  7. I second UD's
    Those look like some good cranks, Nip. I'm sure they'll catch lots of bass this year...
  8. Hey guys, I decided to stop by Kames today and check out a few things and found B&C Jigs!! They only had one color which was brown so I got as many as I could. I thank you guys for giving me this little seceret! lol. Ohio Bass