Rod vs. Reel-which is more important?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    What do you consider most important in landing a nice musky-the reel or rod/and why? Just thought I would toss this up to everyone. I'm looking to get a nice reel with a top of the line drag or a light tip rod to troll/cast small baits like the AC450 (but still have enough control at the butt to land a nice fish)? I'm just not real happy with Abu Garcia 6500's drag (I've got 2), and would like to consider a 7'3"-8' rod with a light tip and solid at the base for control? But I can only get one.....Hmmmm?
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    I'm going to have to side with the reel with a quality drag. The drag is where most of the fight takes place, although a good quality rod should give the reel some relief. IMO Reel is more crucial, but a good combination will give you peace of mind. The ABUs are good all around reels, but the drag systems don't usually last too long. I have a Calcutta which has a smooth as silk drag, but the retrieve isn't quite what I would like. For trolling, Penn 320 GTis are hard to beat...excellent drags...I just wish they would make a line counter in the same model. I did find however, to extend the drag life of your reels, take and back off the drags of all of your reels after each trip to take pressure off. If you don't do this, especially on the ABUs, they will begin to stick and you don't want that happening when the BIG ONE hits! Good annual maintenence is also a plus. Good Luck!

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    I think for trolling the rod is more important. When it comes to a casting you want a good smooth handling reel. Though, the new lighter, longer rods these days help with casting as well. I am not really sure if one is more important than the other. You need good quality equipment in both regards.

    I got a 7'6" GM Guide Series rod this spring, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. The reel is the same one I have had for years so that should give me a good chance to see if the new rod is a tremendous difference or not.

  4. I can upgrade the drag on the 6500 for you.
  5. Hi Leeabu,

    Re: the upgrade. How much per reel?

    My trophy series 6500 I bought about a year and a half ago-I have no confidence in it-the drag. I cringe whenever I get a tie into a muskie. I have another 6500 from the late 90's, it's better than the other (newer trophy series), but still not real happy with it. I'm considering purchasing a Penn 975LD-I'd probably even be able to troll with it-amazing piece. But, a lot of $$$. Right now, I'm not sure what I want to do.
  6. Hey SUNF,

    Thanks for the Penn GTI advise. I actually use the 310's on my larger trolling rods, and I love'm. But I never thought to take it off and use it with a light bait setup. I guess the reel wouldn't change the action of small baits so it would definately work-maybe it is just the size of the reel that had me thinking big.
  7. $18 per reel to tear down, ultrasonic clean, wax outside surfaces, relube with Quantum hot sauce grease and oil, replace any worn parts at cost as long as I have them on hand.
    $15 per reel to upgrade to the Abu Garcia carbon matrix drag washers for up to three reels. I have three sets of washers on hand. I can do additional reels but I will need to pass on the shipping charges to order more.
    $30 per reel to do all the above. This is for round Ambassadeur 4000, 5000 or 6000 sizes. You pay shipping both ways.

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