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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Reel Lady, May 14, 2005.

  1. Reel Lady

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    I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to transport our fishing rods in our Toyota Tundra?
    I thought about mounting something on the sides of the bed, but, some of our rods are too long and wont fit. I almost lost my Quantum last week on I77! I saw the wind catch it, but luckily, it just did a flip and landed back into the truck bed... Phew! I'd hate to lose that set up, that's for sure....
    So, please send me your suggestions/solutions...
    Thanks everyone!
  2. Check out these for ideas Marcia/Rob...
    My cuz'n has set ups that looks like the one listed on the left but it seems you would be better served with something else for the longer rods...

  3. Does Your Truck Have A Cap On It?if So We Hung Some Straps From The Top Of The Bed Is 8ft. Long So It Holds Any Rods Up To 8ft...any Longer Ones I Have Break Down In Half......
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    I had a rod blow out of the back of my truck before.

    Most truck's beds, or bedliners have indentations on the sides that are meant for a 2X4 cut down to size to slide into to keep things from sliding around in the bed. I slide my rods under mine, and it keeps the wind from catching them. When I transport my rods in this manner, I don't put anything else back there for obvious reasons.
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    i lost my ex-wifes rod and reel it was in our friends pickup got snagged by a branch
    a few days later we found it i was driving over it and nothing happen to it
    she forgave me tho.. this was back in 99 when i lived in MN
  6. Fish4Fun

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    Marcia I always thought these luggage rack holders were nice BPS has them only problem is they only hold 4 rods i found this one online also

  7. Fish4Fun

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  8. I'm lucky in that my truck box is 8 foot. I took two boards, 1X8 6 foot long. I cut them to fit in the slots in my bed, and then I used a keyhole saw bit to drill holes in the boards. I separated the boards and lined the now half circle holes with insulating tape. I added two eyes screwed into each board and use a bungee cord to hold the rods in place as I drive. When I load or unload them, I just release the rear bungee, and pull the rods out the back of the tailgate. I'll take photos in the morning and post them. Being almost totally unmechanical...I was quite proud of myself!

  9. Why don't you haul them in your boat?
  10. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    LOL... how funny that you asked.....
    This question of "How to transport our rods" came up after we purchased a 14' aluminum boat.
    We have a rod locker in the Ranger, so thats not a problem.
  11. Whaler

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    If you have a cap your truck you can buy a 4 X 8 foot 2 inch thick foam rubber pad and lay it on the floor. Just lay your rods on it and will keep them from sliding around and cushion them from shock. This is just a suggestion. I do this with my guns and crossbow during deer season. It works great!
  12. They make rod savers that will work in your 14 fter also,use to have them in my old 14ft.
  13. jeffmo

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    a cheap and easy fix is to make a rod tube from pvc pipe.a regular end cap,a screw in cap,a piece of pvc pipe cut however long you need it and some pipe dope and you're all set to go!!!
    i take my reels off for transporting and put them in a foam padded pistol case that way they're safe from being stolen or damaged.