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  1. I am looking to replace all my bass fishing rods for this upcoming season. I am going to use the same brand of rod for all of my applications. Does anyone have an opinion on the brand of rod I should go with. I will probably buy up to 5 rods-worming, spinnerbait, crankbait, flipping, and maybe another all purpose rod for multiple uses. The price is not a factor. Browning, G loomis, all-star???? Please give me your opinion. Thanks
  2. Well, i will tell you that my favoirte bass rods are Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Rods. I buy them at Fin Feather Fur, for $15 a piece... I have three, one of them is a 6'6" M action Rod that i use for crankbaits, the other two are 6'6" MH rods, and use them for spinnerbaits, and worm fishing... IMHO they are the best rods out there for under $30. The quality is amazing for $15. They are IM6 graphite and are pretty high quality rods...


  3. I have 5 David Vance Fork Lake Pro rods never used there valued at $355 a peice. except for the flipping which is values at $420 . I have a crankbait, topwater, Worm, Jerkbait, and a Flipping rod.
  4. wow, $355 is crazy! I have recently started using the Quantum KVD Series rods and reels. For one, I always use Quantum, they are the best by far. These work great, try them out.
  5. I use a Falcon for everything except a crankbait, that's where I use the old Lews glass rods. I feel Falcon rods are the best deal in rods, as far as preformance and they are American made. Falcon and Pflueger. Just my 2 cents
  6. First, I think that it is a really wise decision to stay within one manufacturer. There is a BIG difference between a medium heavy fast St.Croix and a medium heavy fast G.Loomis. You can really dial-in what you want once you get accustomed to how a specific manufacturer rates their rods.

    My suggestions:

    G.Loomis in IMX. If money is no object, then maybe I would suggest GLX, but I think that IMX is the better overall value.

    MBR783C – this is a true “classic”, I use it for Tubes, Senkos, and unweighted soft plastics. I LOVE this rod!

    CBR756C – Another “classic”, I use this for cranks, spinners, and big topwater baits. I LOVE this rod!

    OK, I always take the first two. I can do about 95% of all my bass fishing between the two. I cannot emphasize enough how much I LOVE these two rods.....well, maybe I can....I have one of each in my closet that have never been used, just on the off chance that G.Loomis stops making them.

    I would suggest getting these two rods first, fish with them, and then fill in the gaps with the next three according to your needs. However, you asked for five:

    CBR843c – Topwater, some cranks and spinners
    MBR843c – soft plastics
    MBR844c – Slop rod! Frogs, weighted plastics, and C-rig
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    If money is not an option i would get Loomis glx. Lifetime warrenty if you break it they will replace it for 25 to 50 bucks depending on how fast you want it. Not bad condsidering they sell for around 350 a piece. Foe a little less the mossybacks are really nice too around 225. What sold me on these rods is that they are so light, you feel everything.
  8. I Like Falcon, g loomis and carrot stick. I have a couple of each and like all of them i could not just have one brand of rods in the boat. diversify
    With that being said i am looking at getting a couple more carrot sticks you should check them out one of the lightest rods out there
  9. I learned a valuable lesson last year on the Ohio River as a Co-Angler. I lost a fish on a shakyhead that would have put me in the top 10 during the super tourney for the BFL. The rod was 6'6" and Medium action. I believe the reason for missing this fish was the rod. I felt a had a great hook set but it didnt happen.

    What do you guys recommend for shakyheads? I usually stick to Quantum rods and reels
  10. Have you tried a Carrot stix?

    Light as a feather and the replacement is free. Just take it back to where you got your rod and exchange it right there. No money needed like G Loomis.

    I believe Gander offers the same with their Titanium rods. I think omeone makes it for them to relabel but I forgot who.
  11. my shaky head rod is a falcon lowrider 7ft med heavy. I dont like useing a short rod for shaky heading. I do belive that g loomis has a real nice shakey head rod
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    Haven't tried the carrot sticks but have heard good things about them. As for shakey head rod i like a medium heavy. Also someone mentioned deep south rods. I have held a few and they are very nice also. You can get the deep south rods in columbus at My buddy brandon can hook you up. I got a cranking rod off him for my dad for christmas.
  13. I think you will get a ton of different answers on this one.Some answers will come from the "hype" factor,some will be actuall answers. If you think that a rod beeing pushed by a pro angler is good just because he say's it is, you are being fooled like alot of other people.Yes some of the rods with BIG names on them are good."some".If you want to stick to one make of rods, you are limiting yourself.There is no way ONE company makes the best in all classes.They will say they do,they all say that.Dont look for the best...look for the best for YOU.One of my favorite sticks is a bass pro carbon series, thats $20.00. My other is a St.Croix,thats alot more.....Dont limit yourself. Dont think its the best cuz it's expensive.......just my 2 cents...good luck. B.L.
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    Back lash is exactly right.
    I'm a fan of St. Croix. For the money, as far as i know, they are the best rods I've fished with. That being said, I'm used to them and their characteristics. My fishing partner fishes with Loomis sticks. Often (always) considered a higher quality stick as opposed to St. Croix but when I pick up one of his rods it's all wrong :confused: It's not the stick, it's me and what I'm used to. Once you find a mfr of a rod that you are comfortable with the characteristics and feel of that rod than that rod is for you. There are many lower priced rod mfr's that produce sticks that will do the job just fine IMO.
    I do want to buy a Carrot stick though ;)
  15. Thanks everyone for your input on rod selection. It is greatly appreciated. Happy New Year to All