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Rod Holders

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Lewzer, May 2, 2005.

  1. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I was thinking about getting a few Driftmaster rodholders but do not know which angle to buy.
    What's the difference between these three and what fish are they used for?

    Driftmaster Lil Pro 5 degree angle
    Driftmaster Lean Mean 20 degree angle
    Driftmaster Flatliner 25 degree angle

    They will be used for catfishing and need to be able to stand up to 20-30lb fish (larger if I'm lucky) and trolling for walleyes/northern or whatever.

    I like these because I can unscrew them from the base when not in use and they won't get in the way. I imaging I could get different angles and use the proper one for fishing the way I plan on that day.

    Any experience with these out there? Will 2 or 3 screws actully hold them in place w/o stripping if a big cat starts whaling on the bait?
  2. I use a combination of the 25 degree Li'l flatliners and the Li'l Duos. The Duos allow you to have the rod flat or at a 30 degree angle. If I had to do it all over again I'd go with all Duos. I use the star bases. The one's in the back of the boat that are used for catfishing or pulling planer boards are fastened with machine screws. The two in the front of the boat are mounted using the wood screws provided in the package.

    If your drags are set correctly the rod holders and bases will hold up to anything.

  3. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    Thanks Ken.

    How do the duo's work with spinning rods? It looks as though they are made for baitcasters. Is there enought clearance for the spinning reel?

    Are you using machine screws in wood or aluminum?
  4. I don't use spinning reels unless I have to but I checked a couple for fit out in the driveway. My 7' rods with long butts work the best, they have enough of a handle to hold well without the reel being nested inside the holder. The 6' rod I tried had a cork handle which was thinner than the foam handle on the bigger rod. It worked OK with the rod in the upright position with the reel outside the holder. They both worked in the flat position but the smaller rod would be more secure with the reel nested inside of the holder.

    I could nest the smaller reel inside the holder in the upright position but it was a tight fit due to the rod butt hitting the deck, the larger rod would not nest the same way. If you did catch a fish with the rod locked in this position you would be hard pressed to get the rod out quickly.

    Depending on where you mount the holders you may have a clearance issue when using spinning rods in the flat position. Mine are borderline because my holders are mounted across the rear deck which is about 3.5" below the level of the gunwales. They would work better mounted higher or directly to the gunwales if possible. Using baitcasters for the fishing I do works fine with my mounting set up.

    Most of my bases are fastened with SS machine screws with fender washers and nylon lock nuts on the bottom. My rear deck is 3/4" marine plywood. My front holders are mounted on the gunwales which are 5/8" plywood. I was in a hurry when I mounted these so I used the sheet metal screws which came in the package. If I was mounting them in aluminum I would feel safer with machine screws or 1/4" bolts rather than sheet metal screws.

    Another thing to consider is getting left threaded bases and holders for the port side of the boat. They won't spin as easily while trolling.