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  1. I bit the bullit and just ordered some Driftmaster DUO PRO 1/2" rodholders ( I ordered 6 of em) from Bass Pro, I wanted them before the weekend but BP in Cinci said they had 6 in stock and I made the guy put the phone down and verify how many were on the shelf and he sounded disgusted that I would actually ask since its 45 minute drive down there, anyways he comes back and says good thing I asked since they only had 3 in stock so I had to order them from the 800 number. $136 later, I should have them early next week.

    I went with the 1/2" because a handful of stories of broken ones ( smaller 3/8" size) and I also went for the DUO model since it allows you to hold a rod at a 30 degree angle for circle hooks and straight back ( 0 degrees) for when Im clicker fishing live bait for flatties. Anyone have any experience with these?

    I am copying RIVERKING's design and having my brother in law weld up a mounting bar across the back of the boat ( he is also doing this for Mellon's boat) and we will tap threads right into the steel plate so no need for bases.

    Last thing is I have 2 - 3/8" star base holders if anyone has any interest in them, make me an offer, I know they are not very expensive but I cant use them, would trade possibly.

    Im really excited about getting the boat all organized and chasing some Ohio river blues this winter!!!

  2. Good luck with your choice. I have never fished for Blues, but I do fish for Muskies. The only holder I know of , that will withstand hooking a stump or 45" Musky at 4.5 MPH, is a Downeast. There is nothing stronger.

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    I believe you made a good choice with the Driftmasters. If I'm not mistaken, the team that won the 2006 Cabela's King Kat Classic were using Driftmasters.
    You also could have ordered them directly from the company and might have saved a little money.
    I'm getting a couple of bank holders to evaluate before they go into production and if they are anything like their other rod holders, it will be another great product.
  4. Every time I tried contacting Blackwater Tool ( mkaer of Driftmasters) I kept getting a recording even durring business hours and there website does not mention anything about selling them directly so I went ahead and spent more through BPS. I hated to do it but no one else had them in stock, one of the Internet companies I found by Google was fine and cheap until i went to "Check Out" and then got acanned repy saying it would be 4-6 weeks for delivery...wrong answer so I figured with BPS that I least could trust them to get them here.

    Ill certainly post some reviews after a few uses.