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Rod holder

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by archman, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    I haven't tried one of those, but I have something similar that is a clamp on model. My idea was to switch between my yak and canoe as needed. As it turned out, I don't use the canoe much and am planning on mounting a rod holder in the hull.

    After seeing a few fishing buddies use the hull mounted ones, it is much better than the clamp on. The primary problem with the clamp on models, especially in a yak, is that the rod but winds up right in your lap and gets in the way of everything including paddling because the only place to mount it is on the rim around you.

    I'd like to have (if I can fit them in my little yak) four flush mount rod holders. Two in the front for fishing and two in the back for "storing" the rods while paddling. In my small Otter, I think the two mounted in the front will interfere with my legs fitting, but the two in the back won't be a problem.


  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i don't have a yak but as for the rod holders,i have some similar ones.they're very sturdy.if you're contemplating them,go to walmart.they're half the price of bps.
  3. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    I got four of them from wallyworld this spring the C type model I think is the ones I got. They aren't very good. I am using them on a canoe and they are functional, but I will probably look to upgrade to some nicer sturdier ones next spring.

  4. Thanks guys, I'll pick them up at Walmart. Right now I fish with four rods in my yak, and would like to get them out of my lap.