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rod holder advice needed

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by ocdfishguy, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Help! I plan on buying rod holders for my boat. They will be used for trolling and still fishing. I will be using both spinning reels and baitcasters. I would like to get the right one the first time. So which type it the best, what should I be looking for? Any advice will be a big help.

  2. ocd,

    IMO Scottys Power Lock are about as versatile and durable-for the $$-that you will find. The standard mount will surface mount on the side or top of the gunnell and will adapt to a rail mount with a small, relatively inexpensive part. Also a flush mount is available. I use my Scotty holders for a multitude of use-usually either longlining boat rods, for pulling in-line planers, or just for a spot to clear a rod. I've even used them for pulling big dipseys WITH the 6" extension! I won't tell that they can't break, but I've not had any problem. There is a heavy duty Scotty model, the Striker, that are built for the heavy pull of dipseys.


    Power lock

    IMO, if you are going to pull dipseys alot the tube style holders are te way to go, but these will fit the bil for occasional use. I run triple Tite-Lok holders on each side and have 10 Scotty mounts for lots of versatility. I've also used RAM holders and they are good as well.

  3. I have the Scotty's in the Quick Draw style which are actually sold as Cabelas' holders. They are very similar to the Power Lock in style and strength. The biggest difference is that the quick draw has the hinge to pull the rod back at you quickly. The only drawback to the Quick Draw is that the rods can potentially slip forward out of the holder if you are not careful.:eek:

    Here is a picture of the Quick Draw using the rail mount. Mine has the surface mount that can go on top or side.

    They just had them the other day at Cabelas over in Wheeling from a bulk pack (meaning they do not have the full packaging) for $16 apiece (including the surface mount). The boxed ones were $21 or $22 apiece.


    I think if I ever get to where I am doing a lot of trolling I would probably prefer to have something a bit better but these work for me in my limited trolling.