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Rod Carrier / Holder Help

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by mcmd8700, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. I am taking a trip to Georgia and Florida in a couple of weeks, and was wondering if anyone had thoughts on how to haul the fishing poles. I have a ford ranger short bed, so the bed will be fill with luggage, compromising the safety and room for my poles. I have looked into a roof rack and carrier, but the rack is almost $200, then another $120 for the rod carrier. I have also noticed a device that mounts to a reciver hitch, where the poles are in a vertical position. But this seems to be only good for short trips, as I do not know how this would hold up for a long haul. My other option is to buy 2-piece rods for this trip specifically.

    If anyone has and ideas or experience with this, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  2. Ive got a roof rack that would fit a ranger for sale. Look in classifieds.

  3. I would suggest some sort of roof rack that you could strap a rod carrier onto. I have a luggage rack on the top of my van and what I always do to haul my gear to Canada is strap right on to the luggage rack. Perhaps a carrier like Cptn. Crown mentioned would work well because you could carry some other things in the carrier as well as mounting the rod carrier to the carrier.

    Whatever you do, I would suggest not to spend that kind of money for a rod carrier (unless you just like spending the money). I made my rod carriers from the gray PVC pipe. I think it is the schedule 40 type. You can make the piece to the length you want and then buy PVC endcaps or even tape the ends if you don't care what they look like too much. I have done this for years and my rods get to and from in perfect condition. I have two 4" diameter ones and I carry seven or eight rods.
  4. I never even thought about it because I don't have a truck for transporting on vacations but you would not even need anything up top with the carriers. All you would need to do is make sure they are strapped securely into the bed of the truck. You can just let them hang over the tailgate.
  5. I have a tonneau, and since all my luggage will be in there, I would like to keep it dry.

    Capt. It looks like the rack mounts on rain gutters. My truck does not have rain gutters. If it does not mount on the gutters, let me know. I may be interested.

    Thanks for the advice on the pvc. That would be a good way to go, and a good way to save $.
  6. It does not strap to rain gutters!
  7. basstrackerman

    basstrackerman marshall

    buy some plastic pvc pipe in the length you need and cap one end,the make the other end screw on. put all your rods in there and your reels in a bag behind the seat. i do that and works great!! cheap to.
  8. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I did what Basstrackerman suggested about seven years ago. I got some 6" pvc pipe, cut it to length, added an end cap on one end, and a screw cap on the other end. Cost was about $9. It will hold about six rods. For your reels, go to Gander MT. and buy a reel case, another $9. The reel case will hold 4-6 reels, depending on size.

    I haul my rods and reels to Canada each year without a worry. You can jump up and down on the homemade rod case all day, the only thing you might break is your ankle.