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Hi James,


July 7-13,2004 Close Out/Tiger Eye Rod Building Components Sale

Neal's Fishing Products:

Just to refresh your memory we now have Tiger Eye Fly Rod kits. We have the kits up on our webpage. And if James, you don't have that page in your catalog email me back stating you need the Tiger Eye fly rod kit list sent to you? And please also incude your first and last name with mailing address?
I also want to take this time James, to let you know if you have a question in any of
your rod building needs don't hesitate to either email me or call me at 480-945-6122 and I will assist you in your needs?

This Weeks Neal's Killer Deals!!!

JULY 14-16,2004 My Shop WILL BE CLOSED!!!! I will be at a tackle show looking at new products and blanks for 2005

2005 Tiger Eye Catalog will be available after I get back from the show
and able to decide what changes we will be making.

Just a little update I am making changes to my Tiger Eye catalog and deleting items that aren't selling for us and adding new items. One item that we have is a rubberized cork butt cap two styles each looks nice on the back of cork grips. the CCB20 has a straight taper it's 1"L x 52/64"ID. and we will be selling it for $0.99 ea. and the CCBC20F has a flare towards the end of it it's 1-1/8"L x 52/64" ID. and we will be selling this one for $1.20 ea.. We also have Tichrome wire hook keeper they are $1.00 ea. but if you buy
10 at a time, we will sell them to you for $0.79 ea.

We have a new 32 inch Medium action solid glass ice rod blank coming in that is painted all black with orange tip. It's action is alittle stiffer than the one we sell now that is 32 inches long. I would say it's a medium action. when they come in we will be selling them for $2.45 ea., we had 500 come in and already sold 200 of them to one customer. they should be in sometime this week.

American Made second F905-3 9' 5wt 3pc Black Matte Graphite Fly Blank
Sugg. Retail..$99.00 Neal's Deal's...$25.00 ea.

Rod Building Kits:
FORE66XLT-1kt 6'6"XL 1pc E-Glass blank-graphite spin reelseat,single foot chrome guides/top, hook keeper, winding check,eva butt and foregrip/butt cap,spool of nylon thread & spool of metallic thread
Sugg. Retail....$45.00 Neal's Deal's....$29.99/kt

FORE66XLT-1kt 6'6"XL 1pc E-Glass blank-graphite spin reel seat, single foot chrome guides/top, hook keeper, winding check, cork foregrip & butt grip with the new CCBC20F butt cap, one spool of nylon and metallic thread.
Sugg. Retail....$45.00 Neal's Deal's...$29.99/kt


100 assorted Fuji Ceramic Ring Double & Single Foot Guides
Sugg. Retail $25.00/bg Neal's Deal's...$12.50/bg

100 assorted Fuji Ceramic Tip Tops
Sugg. Retail..$18.00/bg Neal's Deal's...$15.00/bg

EVA/Cork Grips:
10 assorted EVA fore grips... Sugg. Retail..$2.75/bg Neal's Deal's..$1.99/bg.

10 assorted EVA 5"L butt grips... Sugg. Retail..$3.50/bg Neal's Deal's..$2.75/bg

Reel seats:
16mm Graphite Spin Reel Seat chrome hood uncushioned Sugg. Retail..$2.50 Neal's Deal's...$1.25 ea. or buy 20 ea. for $22.00

GFT16B-Graphite Low Profile Trigger Reel seat uncushioned black hood. Sugg. Retail $3.99 ea. Neal's Deal's...$1.25 ea..

Lew/Fuji Custom Blank-Thru Casting Handle- EVA Pistol Grip Low Profile Graphite Reel Seat with EVA Foregrip. Sugg. Retail..$9.99/kt Neal's Deal's...$2.50/kt

Now James, if you are needing alot of eva grips we have a special going of buy 100 assorted for $0.20 ea.. Or you buy 1000 assorted for $0.15 ea. Let us know what size you are needing and lengths?

In our Close Out Catalog we have alot of cork we are wanting to sell off from 1.025"L up to 13"L in the foregrips if you buy 1000 assorted we will sell them for $0.50 ea. in the 6"L up to 13"L (this excludes the fly cork grips)butt grips buy by the 1000 assorted and we will sell them for $2.99 ea. or buy 100 assorted for $3.50 ea.

Now if you build fly rods for as a business we have a special deal on some of our fly cork grips but you will have to talk to Neal on this specail Neal's Deal!!!!
Also if you are needing either American Tackle items or Rainshadow/Forecast we have set up with these two manufactures if we don't have the items in stock at our warehouse we can drop ship you your items you are wanting!!!

Saltwater rods/reels Used available:
3 ea. Penn Tuna Stick #3955 HRCSS 5'6" 50-100lb ln wt. $75.00 ea.
1 ea. 6'H no name custom rod $50.00
1 ea. 6'6"H custom all roller guides $75.00
1 ea.5'7"H custom Rod 50-100lb roller tip/guides are ceramic insert $75.00
1 ea. Penn Senator 9/0 reel needs new handle $80.00
The owner is wanting anyone to make an offer for all items so email me a price to take all of these salterwater rods? Now we do have these rods up on Ebay and if they have a bid on them we won't be able to sell you the one that is taken..If there is no bids up on Ebay we will pull them off and sell you all rods.

2004-2005 Close-Out Catalog now available for $5 send us your name and address and $5 and you will get our close out catalog and get a $6 off Nealy Buck on your next order with us. If you order from this flyer James, we will send you the catalog for free.

We also have a monthly Sales Flyer that we send out by US Mail and this flyer costs $9.99 per year great buys in this flyer that lasts for one month while supplies last. The month of June we had a $0.99 sale on reelseats and blanks.

Also are you doing a rod building class? If so email Neal the size of your class and he can put together a deal on rod building kits?


Note: We have received many calls that our emails are
subjected to spam filters because they come from a business.
Please remember to "allow" or "except" our emails from your

If you would like to be taken off of our email list just email us
back your name and email address.

We except PayPal,Mastercard/Visa,Check,Money Order.

Have A Great Day,
Neal Cissel
Neal's Fishing Products
910 S. Hohokam Dr. #120
Tempe,Az. 85281
[email protected]
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