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  1. Has anyone been at the Rock? The level gauge is broken, would love to know what she looks like.
  2. she looks cold and wet.LOL!!! just jokin the east and west branch were muddy and high today so the main river has got to be muddy and high too. sorry bud.

  3. Looks ugly, very ugly
  4. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    the steelies must be in canada lol

    just wait till this snow melts off next week

    got to love modern society dumping all the runoff into the river
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    not too mention glycol from the airport. i can smell it already!
  6. thanks guys, this season has been spotty
  7. Biggest issue this week will be parking. Once they open the parkway, parking will be limited for a while. Roadside pulloffs will not be available. Once they get the snow under control, the river will probably be too high/muddy.
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    corndawg Go Bulldogs!!!

    Yep, and with the forecasted temps for the 40’s and 50’s by mid week, there's going to be a major blow out on all the rivers.
  9. Parking was quite limited, especially in the mid-to-upper stretches. Had to walk about 1/2 mile to fish a spot near the road. Most lots were not shoveled, no 'pull off' access was available. Water was 6"-8" visibility, more brown in color than green. Pocket water was fishable, but chunks of ice floating downstream made things a bit tough. Open areas were flowing pretty fast. Flow was probably 450-500cfs (gage is currently down).
  10. thanks for the report steel, when you say upper you mean past horse/morley?

  11. More upper than that. I consider lower from the marina to rockcliff ford. Mid from rockcliff to the nature center ford (includes horse and morley). Upper from the nature center ford/bridge into the east and west branches. Only parking lots open in the 'upper' portion were the nature center lot and the lot near the maple sugaring area (east branch). I didn't go downstream past 480/brookpark since everything from the nature center to that point was unplowed.

    Conditions in the evening were marginal, so any meltoff on Monday will probably push it past the fishable point.
  12. Looks like a few days of 40F+ will melt it all to hell. Dont you love OH weather :)