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rocky update

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by pitbullfisher56, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. As I live only 25 mins from the rocky I thought I give a post about what the river is like. Its pretty high and stained. Alot of the snow we got today melted and is sending the river level up. If it stays cold like its supposed to for the next few days, it maybe fishable by the weekend.
  2. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Thanks for the update! We always can use info like this. I was thinking of giving it a shot on Sunday. Keep us informed.

  3. if all stays the same, I think sat and sunday should be almost exactly like last weekend. Level up, quick flow with heavy green stain, to light green come sunday. But sunday is supposed to be 40 so we'll see.
  4. There's a ladies steelhead fishing seminar put on by Ohio Sea Grant up there this weekend in one the Park pavillions. Sat. instructions and Sunday afternoon-fishing! Grab yore cameras and hip-boots. That should be a hoot!!
    Seriously, I hope they have great water and weather conditions and get the SH bug!
  5. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! I meet my buddy after work and here are the conditions as of 5 p.m.
    level high to very high
    flow: very swift
    color: light brown/very dark green

    sat should be decent at best and sunday should turn out to be pretty good (high level green color), just like last weekend, just like I had said. I hope evryone gets out and gets a steelie. The only problem I can see is some shelf ice and lsuch in the am. hope I can help
  6. so I fished the rocky today from sun-up to about 12:30. 5 hook ups and 3 landed. I had two adult males, one with very nice color and the one was fresh out of the lake (almost no color), and a juvenile hen that went back in. Man do I need a hen for some egg sacks. I am down to my last dozen or so.
  7. how were ya catchin those all u guys sound like pros.---if u asked me on saturday ida told u there wasnt a single fish in the chagrin....hahaha.....i know im only a rookie---it is fun to fish for them tho.
  8. i cought the one male and the female on fresh steelhead eggs tied in pink mesh and the other male I cought on a mini foo jig tipped with a minnow.