Rocky & The V 11-30

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  1. The conditions looked right and I was itching for some steelhead Got out to the rocky around 6 30 and started fishing around 7. Me and my two buddies started to get into them early and I landed the first one around 8 30. My buddies were flying fishing and started to nail them. Between the three of us we went 6 for 7 and by far has been the most exciting day on the river. My buddies were ready to get back to school and I wasn’t ready to leave. I still had around half a dozen egg sacks left so I decided to stop by the V on my back to BG. On my way down I talked to a couple guys that told me the fishing has been really slow and there almost isn’t a flow. I was all geared up and decided to give it a shot anyways. I found a nice spot with a good current and started drifting. Within a few casts I had a nice female on that gave me a great battle. After releasing her, a gentleman walked over and asked me what I caught her on. I showed him my setup and after talking to him he told me he was fishing with his and it was there first time fishing for steelhead. I noticed he was floating an egg sack without any weight. I told him he needed some weight to get the egg sack toward the bottom and he told me he didn’t bring any split shot. So I set his rod up with some weight and adjusted his float. As I was setting up his son’s rod I look over and he is fighting a steelhead. He fights it for a few minutes and brings it in. I was pretty excited to see him land his first steelhead on his first trip. I wish his son would have landed one but I think they both were pretty excited. Before I knew it was getting dark and I had to get back to school. Overall had a great day fishing the two rivers and met some nice people. Here are some pictures from today. Thanks for reading FFBG

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    Glad to hear you had a good day, and helped out a first timer :) Nice fish, too!

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    The Rock is Hot so it seems!!!
  4. That stuff about the rocky is all hearsay, nothing so far for me there! I have had all my luck out east!
  5. I wouldn't say it is Hot but there are fish to be caught. All this rain will just bring more up, ill be headin to rock as soon as the conditions are right. FFBG
  6. AWESOME! I'm glad to hear that you had a good outing, and even moreso I am happy to hear of you paying forward the steelhead knowledge that you have aquired. I believe you just recently landed your first steelhead??? and now here you are able to help another steelhead newbie get his first fish. Your good deed will not soon be forgotten by that father and son, nor will it be forgotten by the river gods as I'm sure you will be rewarded with good fishing karma.:B It's just a shame that so many of the seasoned steelhead 'experts' on here, other sites, and out on the water don't share in your willingness to help educate new anglers. Very nice to hear of such uncommon courtesy still existing. :)

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    I would not consider 7 hookups between 3 guys hot by no means. Other than that good job on the steelies and for helping others get into some chrome!:)
  8. Hey guys thanks for the comments. You are right JoJoPro I just landed my first steelhead on Nov 22. I couldn't believe 5 minutes after I rigged him up he was fighting a fish. A lot of information and techniques I have learned have come from this forum. Especially the forum where you described how to fish egg sack with the raven floats. I had no clue where to begin and that post really put me on the right track. I figure I can do my part by passing on a little information that I learned from you guys. Thanks again for helping out a fellow fisherman. Tight Line FFBG