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Rocky Steelies

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SteelieHunter, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone! Just was wondering if someone could give me an update as to if the steelies are still in the Rock or not. Even general areas would be nice. Ive been in the house all winter and spring due to illness. :( Im feeling good finally and want to do some steelhead fishing. Time to get back on the horse! Thank you and may God bless! :)
  2. They will be there for sometime yet get out and enjoy the fishing man...

  3. I believe they are there till the beginning of may???? I do not kow if you could exactly say when they are gone. But thats a pretty good estimate
  4. Check the riffles and the runs below the riffles. If you see a female flashing on a redd you can be sure there are males around her and they will strike at anything passing close by.
  5. I did actually end up going to the Rock this weekend. I really didnt do too well but i managed two hookups - they both came off however, but it was fun anyways. I did see quite a few of them in there. As always, Thanks everyone for the info! :D