Rocky River ?

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  1. Going to head out tuesday mornin. Would like a report of how the fishing is. I have eggs,maggots and cleo's. So let me know how it is. Don't need to know your spots have a few of my own. THANKS

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    from what I hear, you should have a good day!!!!


  3. The Rock is lowering and getting clearish but there are fish. Hit one on a spinner in the upper reaches at noon and saw a few caught on sacks. That last rain pumped it up I think. Have fun!
  4. Try maggots/wax worms with white jigs. Good luck.
  5. liquidsoap

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    Went down today, from what everyone else is telling me its best in low light conditions.
    Well they were right. I was out from 1 PM to dark.
    Hooked about 10 fish between 5:30 and 6:30.
    Most were on grey jigs with a few on eggs.
    Fished with great company who caught on a lot plastics and a few on eggs.
    Didnt have much sucess landing fish though. I ran out of 6lb fluorocarbon and only used 4.
  6. Wow, you hooked 10? So how many did you actually land? :)
  7. Did you fish with Rick? If you see him tell him i said hey. Dave
  8. liquidsoap

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    I have not seen him all year.
    Last year I did not see him till thanksgiving.
    I wonder whats up with that???
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    Trolled upper stretch of the river Sunday & Monday. Pulled 10 on Sunday & 9 on Monday including my personal best 32" hen.
  10. K gonefishin

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    Great job on the 32 incher Ron, that is a beast of a steelie. Hit it hard and it will pay off, get your night gear ready I'm going to be calling you soon once they get going good, I hope we can fish well into December like we did last year.