Rocky River ?

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  1. Am thinking of going to the Rock in the morning would like to hear a few reports on the fishing. Can't wait for the trout to start hitting heavy. If anyone did any good tell me what you used . THANKS
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    just got back and the water was very low. only a few guys around the dock area and nothing waqs being caught.

  3. Fish the lakefront. They are stacking up waiting for a rain to start the move upstream. Best near a river or creek, but not necessary. Spoons, spinners. Lake fish are still silver and strong. Better eating than from the rivers, if you plan to keep.
  4. I was shooting a nice steelhead fishing story there last week before I got called to school shooting duty... Saw a few folks fishing, no takers, but talked to some folks who said they had caught some on jig/monnow combos, spinners and spoons. Better action the nearer to the lake you get.
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    What you need is a boat. The fish are out on the edge of the lake near the lighthouse. Went 4 of 8 yesterday trolling husky jerks.
  6. water was low and gin clear....
    some how, some way i got 2 littles one with a white rooster tail before i snagged it lost the little lure...

    nice morning to be out and enjoying the river!

  7. is clear water bad to catch steelies in?

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    if you can catch them in clear water that is....steelies aren't very confortable in clear water. They much prefer to blend into their surroundings, of which clear water makes it difficult for them to do.

    You can catch them in clear water, but they are less likely to hit, than if the water was stained, and if we had flow, they would feel better in the current.

    Right now it is like fishing for bluegill as there is basically no flow.

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    Good job on getting a couple frank.
    I went out today, and got skunked at the river and hit the lake front.
    Kept getting really short strikes on jigs, and did not bring any spoons.
    Seen a lot caught on spoons though.
  10. Hey soap where do you fish the mouth of the rock . I live i n lakewood and want to try for some steelies
  11. Thanks guys..

    i got lucky pure and simple... those 2 males i got @ first light from 7:05 to 7:11am...@ the first riffle.. after .. that i moved all over to get nothing...

    either way it was a great way to spend a few hours ....

  12. You have two alternatives. 1. From a boat/canoe. Access the river in the metropark (boat ramps) and float downstream to the mouth. Can be done in a canoe/small boat unless a hard north or northwest wind. If you want to wade, anchor the boat/canoe on the west side of the river near the cliff and wade on that shallow shelf. The rock wall on the east side is no trespassing. 2. Find a friend that lives in the clifton harbor area. This is the park on the east side of the river at the mouth. The area is watched closely by a guard, so trying to sneak in is probably a short event. You cannot fish from the wall, even with permission for the park.