Rocky River

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  1. Possibly heading out to the rocky river tomorrow morning looking for some smallies. Just wondering if anyone knows of any decent spots or some tips to try. any tips would be appreciated. i know the rain we got today might slow the bite down but oh well we can always head to some new spots if necessary. No particular area that we are looking to fish either. Driving isnt a problem just wondering if anyone knows of some spots that have been hot.

  2. I've had a some luck at the Rock Cliff Spring ford area (First ford you come to from Detroit Rd.) Cross the bridge park in the first lot to the left and head away from the bridge (river on your left) when the river bends it gets really nice you'll see what I mean, Also if you want to try for large mouths try oxbow lake just past the nature center cross cedar point road and the ford parking lot is on your right hand side you'll see it. I managed to get two decent sized large mouths out of there last week, I suggest you fish a weedless rubber worm lots of weeds. Rooster tails at the rock cliff spring ford area. Also you might try Wallace lake for Large mouths I have been doing good there not much size to them but good numbers. Hope this helps some....:D

  3. The river is milk chocolate and raging!!! My son and I ended up at the lagoon past cedar point road. No good there. Didn't even see a fish. The river was dangerously raging due to recent rains.
  4. Parmaangler is right things are pretty muddy. I checked it out around 1PM and it has rained more since. Its not raging or anything but definitely stained.
    I dont know what kind of fishing you like to do but if you drive the road along the river you will see the old fords . Each of these has a deep hole on the downstream side and are popular places to fish. Another popular spot is by the marina. You might find these places crowded but you may also find good advice. If you don't mind walking for solitude, take a walk along any stretch of the river. For smallies, look for em on the downstream side of rocks and riffles, alongside downed trees and anything that looks deep.
    good luck, mick
  5. You know what this year I have had some good luck when the river or rivers I go to are stained? I was at the Black river on Sunday and crushed the smallies in a very stained river. It was slow moving but still very stained.
  6. we tried the lagoon and didnt have any luck. besides seeing an absolutely enormous turtle lol. although im sure we will end up back there with all the cover and weeds its definitely something i would like to fish again. the two fords we were going to try were pretty crowded but i will try them soon hopefully. we also tried near the lakewood animal shelter since i have heard good things but nothing there either. i wasnt sure where abouts to fish near the marina so we werent there long. the river was really stained and the current was pretty quick so hopefully we will get a few dry days soon so i can try it again.