Rocky River

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  1. Can anyone tell me where i can find some smallies? Me and my buddy went out yesterday and got nothing.
  2. I've noticed this year the further from the lake, the more smallies I have been seeing. I've done pretty good from the cedar point area up to the olmsted falls dam. I haven't caught crap from puritas up to the marina yet. I did see a big school of large goldfish the last time I was in the emerald necklace....?????

  3. i fished the area from the brookpark bridge back towards cedar point and caught around 7 or 8. all were caught on topwater. largest was maybe 8 inches. does anyone catch anything bigger? the largest i have ever caught out of the rocky was maybe 11 inches.
  4. You can get big ones but it's all about the time of the year. The big one come in from the lake around the end of April and stay in till the end of May. I've never caught any bigger than around 13" after that time frame.
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    Caught about a 12" one last week. And one about 14" the week before. All on sammys.
    I usually got a big one or two (18"ish) outside the spawn per year.