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Rocky River

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by baitwalker, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. I had a fair day on the Rock Sunday. Landed 6 lost 2.
    The biggest was 30". Most were caught on my minnow pattern.
    One was had by a pink blood dot. The bigger fish fought hard.
    I had a 5 pounder leap out of the water 4 times.
    All in all not bad day.
    I did see the Rock today after all the rain and snow.
    It's blown out.
    Hopfully it will fish come this week end.
  2. Len,

    Post Rock reports in the N.E. section from now on. It was really good seeing you and getting a laugh out of your demonstration on how to hold your rod when posing with a catch. Anyway, I am headed out east this weekend if you are up to it. I am getting some guys together to hit some PA streams and some Ohio ditches on the way back, including that one we fished during the OCBS winter leg.

    Oh, and I could use some more hot dog and corn streamers for this weekend if you are tying any?

    Hey man, email me or call me to let me know if you are down for this weekend. I will post a thread on the other site. Actually, I need to tie me up some flys soon for this weekend, any suggestions.

    Later buddy,


  3. The rock should be great come sat and sunday. I wont be out sat. but I will definetly be out sunday. Plus its gonna be 43 on sunday..... we are having a heat
  4. I will be at the Rock on sat if anyone wants to meet up. Len, you'll know where. Everyone else PM me. Will be on the fly for the most part, but I am dropping pink spawn, due to the fact I here they are taking that pretty well. Trying to get some guys together to meet up, so if you are up to it PM me. I don't know who is going for sure and different people are headed out at different times.

    Fishing conditions should be really good. Talked to several people from the east to west. Most of the rivers are fishable, but the Grand is blown out completely, which is where we were headed originally. The warm front coming through is causing a melt off and lots of fish are going to be scattered in different holes, so expect a madhouse. Lots of slush until about 11 am, so expect to dodge lots of it.

    Well, it would be good to meet some new faces and see some old. If not, I am sure there will be reports.

  5. Wish I could go , gotta work all weekend . Hope to get up there on Tues. morning . Could someone please post the conditions , hard to get any real info down here in Akron . Good luck to all!!!!
  6. have been killin 'em on pink spawn (steelhead eggs) and also mini foo jigs (mostly black) tipped with minnow. Good luck
  7. i tried the rocky today....still no luck but i saw one guy who had a nice one. supposedly a lot of people were catching them today. i might go tomorrow again. water was greenish and moving at a decent pace....not too fast tho...seemed "fishy". saw a bunch of chubs jumping in one spot.
  8. Caught my personal best yesterday. 35 inches. Was a beautiful day out. Very cold in the morning and a little windy but fish are around. I was standing almost waist deep on the water, throwing into a hole when I had one come up 6 inches infront of me. Didn't splash or anything, just gave a little peek and kept on moving.
    Great to be back out on the river. I realized how much I missed it yesterday. I will be back, soooooooooon.
  9. Great catch!!! Are you sure it wasn't a King as a few make it into Rocky each year. That fish had to be in the 15 to 20 pound range at that length. Got any pictures to share?
  10. If you were waist-deep, maybe that fish was trying to tell you you were standing where you should have been fishing ;)

  11. EE


    can vouch for the fish, I got a call right after it was caught......looking forward to the picture as well! ying, if it's still on your cell phone camera, send it to me and I'll post it.

    Joel, no doubt.....waist deep sounds like a prime pool to be fishing in - not standing in.......but where Ying was fishing, but you have to see the hole to understand how it's laid out. gotta "get in" so to speak, to reach the prime areas of the hole which has produced good numbers as well as a fish 30" or better on every trip for us in 2 winters...most other holes you'd be standing in the middle if you were waist deep.
  12. Mikey23

    Mikey23 Mike

    hopefully it doesnt snow/rain to much i was hoping to get out on the river monday afternoon. i hope i will have good news to report.
  13. ying, love to see that pic and measurements. that is bigger than what alot of us are catching for a steelhead. if it's true and you were entered in the grt, you would be in first place. first place holding so far is 32 1/2 inches, 14 1/4 lbs. you almost beat the state record, wich is 36 1/2 inches, 20.97. i am not saying i don't believe you, but get that pic up before you place those stats man. you might find a few guys a little bit curious on this one without proof. are sure it was not a salmon like shortdrift said. were did you get it? wow!

  14. Man, I'd sure appreciate some gps coordinates on that hole location. except during flood stage, I haven't seen many spots that deep on the big R. Sounds like the 30+inch magnet hole!! Good fishin!!
  15. Joel, I almost put in the post about not actually standing in the hole.. but at one spot where we fish you are actually in the middle of the river fishing both sides. Hard to explain if you aren't fishing but you are right the fish are everywhere because it is deep enough.
    The picture is on my phone. There have been some technical difficulties getting it downloaded but I am trying. I only have a picture of me holding the fish. As for anyone not believing me, ---- laughingly I don't really care. It was AMAZING. It was a fish I won't forget, the fight was awesome.
    I wil be up again next week.
    Caught most of my fish on spawn and maggots. This is the first trip I didn't catch anything on minnows.
  16. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Good catch Ying. :) There are some piggies in there.....just have to be the lucky angler to pull them out :)
  17. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    thats amazing, great catch!

    i cant even imagine.....a steelhead almost a yard!
  18. Outstanding Mike! You best believe I'm kicking myself for not accepting your offer.
  19. Ying,
    Congratulations on the great catch no matter where you were standing. :)Hopefully, you can get the technical problems worked out. I'd like to see it. What would you estimate the weight to be?

  20. I would say it was more like 14-15#'s. I don't think it would top out much more than that. I did get a chance to show my dad the fish before my phone decided to stop functioning. Personally, as long as he was able to see the monster and know that it was legit... I can accept anyone else not believing me. If you knew my dad you would definitely know he would not believe me about any fish unless he was there or saw a picture.
    Also, I stretched his tale about as far as I could to get it to reach just shy of 35. So, give or take a centimeter or two. At any rate, I couldn't have been happier, plus he might get caught again. I think he took off and headed for the Chagrin... so if I were you guys I would head over there.