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Rocky River

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ohioman76, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. ohioman76

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    Went fishing with member Saint Matthew on Saturday. Fished from 6:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.. Had a good time. Saint Matthew was a nice guy and more than willing to share his gear. Did not get any Steelies so I went home extremely disappointed considering it was a hour and a half drive to the river. I need a little help that way next time I go I will succeed. How far under the float should my jig be. Also when do I know when I have a strike. Anyone have any suggestions on how my rig should be set up. Saint Matthew showed me all the basics and I am extremely grateful that he freed up some time in his schedule to fish with me and my buddy. The only thing missing from the whole trip was the fish. Any suggestions are extremely appreciated.
  2. The depth of the jig depends on the river conditions at the time, you want your jig to be just above the bottom.I will set the depth and work up or down untill I get a hit which is what I would describe as like a hit from a crappie. Cast you float upstream and let it drift down and add weight if the flow or the wind is moving it to fast to keep the jig and float in line with each other. Hopes this helps.

  3. Here are the best tips I have received from this site: Honestly I went from a very bad steelhead fisherman to a lucky one now. - Most of the time.
    1. have your bait as vertical as possible. - small split shots leading up to the float help.
    2. use a very small hook if you are minnow fishing. Look for small black and yellow flies if you use maggots. Don't use store bought sacs.
    3. floats that have the line coming out of the top or floats that enable you to keep your line above the water are your best bet.
    4. Keep your line from bowing out and running infront of your float.
    5. try to find the depth that gets you a snag every once in awhile but doesn't run free the entire time or has you wondering every second if it is a bite or a snag. - experiment.
    6. When you think you have the right depth, have your float just above the water and when it goes under set the hook... what do you have too lose. (if you set it like steelhauler you may lose a vertebra but hey, you have plenty more.)

    Remember these are the basics I have been told from people here. There are many more things you can do, like florocarbon, noodlerod length, types of spinning reels, where to fish, front of the pool, end of it, middle, fast water, slow water. on breaks in the middle... as you can tell a lot goes into where to fish.
    Just keep it simple and you should hook up.
  4. Dingo


    These fish are pretty big, and need to eat decent meals to keep the metabolism up. The best big meal available in the Erie streams are minnows. They will work from the time the fish first enter the rivers to when ice covers most of the stream. Start with a minnow, hooked near the tail, under a small casting float. Add enough split shot to keep the float floating while keeping the minnow directly below the float. Once a nice run/hole is located, work all parts of it, top, middle, bottom (tailout) in the middle and edges of the run. After a dozen or so casts, adjust your depth. The maximum depth depends on the area you fishing. I know of a couple of holes where the depth that I use will vary from three to twelve feet below the float.

    Minnows don't have to be emerald shiners -- I often do better with the "river shiners" caught over 15 miles upstream of the lake. Also try different sizes. On some days, the large 4"+ minnows are attacked. Other days, you have to use the smallest of minnows to get some attention.
  5. I had a great time fishing with you Navy guys. Thank you very much for the compliments, but they are not needed. I was at that frustrated stage for almost the whole season when I first started, but my grandfather always used to quote something Norman Maclean said about Trout fishing, about it being grace and art and how to come by. Then he'd smack me in the back of the head and say "tighten that line up now boy!"

    Listen to people like Dingo. He is very wise like Yoda and stuff. He knows the Rocky way better than anyone and has passed his ancient knowledge down to many newbie Steelheaders. That frustration WILL change when you land your first Chromer. Trust me! The feeling is so awesome and you feel like the mack angler, but you are not. That is just your first one. Since 2001 I have kept only few fish and released many. They are waiting for you my friend. Look for the huge male with a green and black bugger in his mouth I lost last year.

    Like I said, listen to the advice of other anglers and all I shared with you. Take last Sat. as the big training day. You cannot learn it all overnight. Even I did not land one fish. You saw how I hooked and lost that one. I looked at my rig later and realized I was tying poor knots. Not to mention my mainline needed to be changed. It's an art that needs to be perfected buddy. I want to take you guys out next weekend if you can make it again. I will be there no matter what. I have to with the L&D Tourney and all. If not this weekend, another time. The conditions of the river sucked too and the Rocky is a rough place to fish due to it's accesability. Let me know when you can make it up and we will get you some (fish that is).

    Until, take everyone's advice and tips. I want you to look at this guy's site. He built a great site on Steelhead fishing and says everything you need to know. Get ready so we can get you some fish next time. Keep your line tight and tip up and move your rig around alot. I got more for you. See you soon. Until then, see this site:

    PS. Added to Ying's List
    7.) Leave cellphone at home
    8.) Keep line tight (no matter how windy)
    9.) Keep pole up to snap that strike when it comes
    10.) Invest in neoprene waders, gloves, and jacket if possible (winter is coming) and some of the better spots are only accessible by way of wading.
    11.) I'll get you fish next time. I promise. Tell your wife not to go into labor yet on that day (hahaha)
  6. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Not sure if this is my issue, or a link issue, but I was unable to access the link in your post. I was however able to open a new explorer window and type in the address to get there.
  7. link should work now, sorry. this guy has all the info you could ever need! i will be on the rock tommorow fishing the l&d tourney if anyone wants to join me. pm me or whatever. check back later.