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Rocky River

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ch23119, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. How does the river look for smallie fishing this week. I just got back from the vacation and would like to do some fishing before I head out again.
  2. Dingo


    Water is a bit muddy/stained, but the level isn't too high (as of Tuesday 7:00am). Still some nice lake-run smallies in there, with some 18-20" fish available for your enjoyment. Best times for me have been close to dusk, when the topwater bite starts getting cranked up. Most caught during the mid-day hours seemed to prefer tube jigs in brown or green fished extremely slow. Same spots using a faster retrieve didn't provide any fish. Haven't had great success with the shad imitators, probably due to the fact that I really haven't seen any of the schools of shad that normally start to show up around this time of year.

    Fishing pressure has been pretty light, except for those areas close to the road or a parking lot. Sheephead and catfish have made their appearance in the lower sections of the river as well.

    You might want to wait a day or two, unless you like to fish the river when the water has more color to it.